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Malwarecore is an internet aesthetic that evolves around the sketchy corners of the internet. One very important aspect to this aesthetic is that it is from the perspective of a victim to cybercrime, not the attacker. Some characteristics of this aesthetic are fake download buttons, error messages, fake Microsoft tech scammer support pop ups, piracy websites, adware, fake installers, and web pages littered with suspicious ads.


  • Fake download buttons
  • Error messages
  • Malvertising
  • Pop up ads
  • "You're the 1,000,000th visitor!"
  • Fake tech scammer support pop ups
  • Microsoft Windows (Usually XP, Vista, 7, and sometimes 8)
  • Internet scams in general
  • Porn ads ("Hot Singles in your area", raunchy MMORPG games, etc)
  • Antivirus software (both legit and fake)
  • Fake installers
  • piracy websites
  • bittorrent software
  • Adobe Flash Player
  • "Click allow if you are not a robot"


  • Protegent Antivirus
  • Memz Virus
  • Bonzi Buddy
  • and other YouTube video downloaders
  • Operating system destruction videos
  • Scambaiting YouTubers
  • Fake tech support scam pop ups


Due to the nature of these websites, please do not follow the links to them, as they could harm your computer.

  • Any piracy website