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Maidcore is an aesthetic based around maid outfits and things in media related to maids. The aesthetic is mostly based around the common outfits and activities of a maid, but does change depending on the type of person who has the aesthetic: i.e. some maid aesthetics are more sexual, while others are more proper. The aesthetic is also seen in certain anime as well as themed restaurants. These restaurants are most typically in Asian areas as the aesthetic is very popular in Japan.



French maid was a term applied in the Victorian and early 20th century periods to a lady's maid of French nationality. A lady’s maid was a senior servant who reported directly to the lady of the house, and accompanied her mistress on travel. She helped her mistress with her appearance, including make-up, hairdressing, clothing, jewelry, and shoes, and sometimes served as confidante. A maid of French nationality was considered likely to be more expert in current fashions, and was also able to apply her knowledge of the French language when travelling in Europe.

Erotic fantasies revolving around young French women later led to the appearance of French maids as desirable and stereotypical soubrette characters in burlesque dramas and bedroom farces.

The term French maid is now often applied to an eroticized and strongly modified style of servant's dress that evolved from typical housemaid's black-and-white afternoon uniforms of 19th-century France, despite a housemaid being junior to a lady’s maid. Some styles are conservative while others are revealing. The French maid costume is often used in cosplay, sexual roleplaying, and uniform fetishism. Depending on design details, some forms can be classified as lingerie.[1]


Though popular and well known in mainstream media, many relate maid culture in Japan to otaku culture due to its being history and frequency of being used as a common trope in anime and manga.

Maid cafes were start due to the popularity of maids in various forms of media. A cosplaying themed restaurant, these cafes are where you can find female servers (usually late teens to mid twenties) dress as maids while tending to patrons. The common attire for the staff is that of a French maid, though there can be other themes (i.e.: Victorian style, Modern-traditional kimono mix and Cat maid) as well. You can order both food and services from menus provided; these services are flirty on occasion but non-sexual. Guests must adhere to the rules of the café or else they'll be escorted out. Akihabara was the first city to host a permanently established maid café in 2001. A male form of this style of restaurant, Butler cafés, exists as well.


Visuals for maidcore must include maid dresses or other elements of clothing that are associated with maid attire. Imagery in maidcore also includes cute and/or anime themes - which is the reason why Animecore and Kawaii are related aesthetics. Maidcore is a fashion-based aesthetic, so backgrounds and additional elements in imagery is supposed to emphasize clothing.


Alterations to any of the items listed below is common to fit a desired look/aesthetic.

  • Maid dresses
  • Thigh-high socks (especially stockings with ruffles at the top)
  • Black Mary Jane shoes
  • White gloves
  • Face masks
  • Headbands (ex. maid headdress, cat ears)

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  • Emma (also an anime)
  • Kikaiji Kake no Marie
  • Maid-sama (also an anime)
  • Ookami Ryoushu no Ojou-sama
  • Shirley



Fictional Characters

  • The Maid (From the Clue board game and movie)