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This is a joke aesthetic. Please do not include this on the List of Aesthetics. It's a secret ;)

The Macademia aesthetic is a riff on the Academia genre of aesthetics, the main point of Macademia is studying exotic nuts. Light Academics may involve lighter colored nuts like the almond and Dark Academics may focus more on darker nuts like the walnut, but Macademics involve nuts on a much larger scale.

Macademia mainly focuses on the nut macadamia, but can also encompass other nuts as well like Black Walnuts, Kurrajong, Breadnut, Palm Nuts, Candlenut, Gabon Nut, Water Caltrop , Chinese Chestnuts, Malabar Chestnut, Kola Nut, Chilean Hazel, Mongongo, Acorns, Canarium Nut, American Beechnut, Jack Nuts, Betel, Red Bopple Nut, Pili Nuts, Paradise Nut, Ginkgo Nuts, Monkey Puzzle Nut, and Bunya Nut.

Some of the more well known nuts that are also covered are Cashews, Peanuts, Hazelnuts, Pecans, Almonds, Pistachios, Brazil Nuts, Walnuts. Chestnuts, Kola Nuts, and Cedar Nuts (a type of pine nut)


The macadamia nut is the superior nut in quality, taste, and texture. Discourse is welcome, but peanut enthusiasts should seek it elsewhere.


  • Nuts
  • Books


Macademics are still academics so general fashion applies, but nut-themed clothing is really not common so no one expects you to walk around with a bag that looks like a nut. If you can find one let me know, I want to get it. Could you image having a beret with embroidered nuts on it and a dark plaid tennis skirt with a nut border? Maybe some nice dress shoes with a nut on the toe or on the heel? Come on you know you want it.

Although, fashion for this aesthetic can derive from every other Academia; an example of Dark Macademia is below.