Lovecore is an aesthetic based on the visual culture of manufactured romance & affection. Popular motifs include hearts, boxes of chocolate, lipstick, love letters, cupid, angels, and the colours red and pink. There are also at times vintage elements present in the form of old scans of valentines day cards from the '50s and '60s. There is sometimes overlap with animecore in the form of pink manga edits and screenshots of anime characters with hearts in their eyes.

As content got more intense as well as anime-centric, this eventually led to a subcategory of lovecore called yanderecore, as lovecore tends to focus on the commercialization of love through valentines day and marketing as well as wholesome celebration of love rather than the dark, macabre or erotic. Lovecore originated from Tumblr.


Lovecore fashion hints at a mix of lingerie, angel wings, satin dresses, and just general formal date wear/"fun-time" wear, though sometimes people who identify as this usually has more of a generic "Soft Girl" look or else opt for graphic t-shirts with the aforementioned themes. Colors like pink, red, and white, as well as motifs such as hearts and lipstick marks, are also fairly common. A Japanese fashion style fulfilling many of the elements involved in Lovecore is Larme Kei.


  • Writing/decorating love letters
  • Baking
  • Thinking about your crush/partner
  • Kissing
  • Holding hands
  • Cuddling
  • Going on dates
  • Giving or receiving flowers



Pagano-Lovecore focuses on the iconography of love in Greco-Roman mythology and the Italian Renaissance, rather than the Christian tradition. Fixated on Greco-Roman gods and goddesses, beautiful statues, doves, old jewellery, ancient love poetry, and other antique things in Rome or ancient Greece. Easy overlap with Dark Academia.

Shakespearean Lovecore

Shakespearean Lovecore has a heavy focus on the element of romance as depicted in the works of famed playwright William Shakespeare (a popular figure of this particular aesthetic being Juliet Capulet of the play Romeo & Juliet). Due to the common portrayal of romance in Shakespeare's works, there is often a somberness and an element of tragedy to this particular brand of Lovecore. Common motifs and values in Shakespearean Lovecore include poetry, antique furniture, dresses, literature, forbidden/tragic love, and art/architecture often depicted in the time period of his plays (Italian architecture in particular being quite popular due to Romeo & Juliet taking place in Verona, Italy and it being among Shakespeare's most well-known work).



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