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Lolailos are a subculture and urban tribe originary from the region of Córdoba in Andalusia (Southern Spain), although they can be also found in other regions of Spain such as Madrid or Catalonia, especially in crowded areas or carnivals[1]. The term Lolailo was originally an onomatopeia referring to some forms of traditional music from Andalusia, although later it began to be used to describe people.

It is a subculture heavily influenced by the music and culture of Cuba, and it is particularly associated with the Caló Roma people of southern Spain. The music genres associated with Lolailos are Rumba and Flamenco, especially when played in the bars of southern Spain, where they can often be found playing the Spanish guitar or singing. They are stereotypically described as men who act offensivily or aggresivily and use bad-mouthed language despite trying to be elegant[2], although at the same time they are full of joy.

Their stereotypical fashion style is really easy to recognize: they wear Campero hats, red shirts with white polka dots, black short pants and and red fajínes (belts). They often have long and curly hairstyles, and sometimes they defy gender stereotypes by wearing makeup and stereotypically feminine accessories. In some instances they are associated with the drag queen movement, or are derogatorily described as "annoying" or "gross".


Some common elements of Lolailo fashion are:

  • Campero hats
  • Suits with animal patterns
  • Red shirts with polka dots
  • Fajínes (red belts)
  • Black shorts
  • Golden rings
  • Bracelets
  • Long, curly hairstyles
  • Shawls
  • Vintage clothing
  • Semi-nakedness/revealing clothing


Common Phrases[]

  • "¡Olé!": Slang; translationless. Used to cheer someone
  • "¡Arsa, quillo!": Slang; translationless. Can be used interchangeably with Olé.
  • "¡Dame algo!": English: "Give me something!", used to beg for money
  • "¡Tirititraun!": Onomatopoeia often used on Rumba songs.



Rumba is a musical genre that originated in Cuba and has since spread to various parts of the world, including Spain, where it holds a strong popularity in the south. It is characterized by its traditional rhythms, lively melodies, and energetic dance movements. Rumba music is also rooted in African, Hispanic and Spanish influences, blending elements of the three cultures to form its unique sound.


Main article: Flamenco

Flamenco is one of the main musical genre Lolailos listen to. Although Flamenco is often stereotyped as the "pure essence" of Spain, it's actually most prevalent in its home region, Andalusia, located in southern Spain. Flamenco culture extends from music to dance and fashion. In the context of Lolailos, there is a subgenre known as Flamenco-Rumba, which blends the former.

Musical Artists[]