List of Deleted Pages and Why

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Many pages on the Aesthetics Wiki were recently deleted for breaking rules or failing to meet standards. While some pages may stay around for a while and gain popularity on the Wiki, pages about aesthetics that exist only on the Wiki will be deleted. The rules are now clarified here, with more details on the Wiki Page Standards under our site rules tab on the top bar.

Blank Page

  • Watercore

Personal and original aesthetics

We are not accepting pages for personal aesthetics (meaning the page creator came up with the aesthetic rather than observe a community or visual pattern). To meet our requirements for notability, an aesthetic must be found and exemplified repeatedly online in communities on Tumblr, boards on Pinterest, and various other sources. Many personal aesthetics also combine various aesthetics together. How the wiki moderators consider "existing" is that searching up the name brings up multiple Pinterest boards, tumblr posts, instagram posts, etc. If the name does not exist, but it has a clear color palette, estimated origin, photo filter style, etc., it is an aesthetic that should have a page, and the creator of the page is allowed to come up with a page name, but not list themselves as a creator.

The pages that are deleted are approached like works of fiction or creating OCs, with the user coming up with a list of visuals to make. A good wiki page is made by describing and documenting something that the user did not come up with, but observed on social media/in real life.

There is now the Personal Aesthetics Wiki for a place to make your page for created aesthetics.

  • Ansex Comfort
  • Artsycore
  • Duplicore
  • Emancicore
  • Epicore
  • Light Boredom
  • Floral (a personal aesthetic, not the flower pattern)
  • Havencore
  • Bimbo Casual
  • Indicoint
  • Milleniwave
  • Nihilcore, which was largely a repeat from the Sadgirl page
  • Pastel Lacecore
  • Rural Academia
  • Cryptkeepercore
  • Royal Abomination Academia
  • Runaway runaway boy
  • Sunnycore
  • Kindness Punk
  • Neon Academia


  • Beatlecore
  • Wes Anderson Core
  • Eren Yeager
  • BTS members
  • Genshincore
  • Quandale Core
  • Caseycore
  • Elviscore

Nations and cultures

  • Rural China
  • Traditional Polish
  • Traditional Ukrainian
  • Traditional Romanian
  • Hispanicore

Not an aesthetic

  • Ancestrycore
  • Bibliopunk
  • Comiccore
  • Fruity
  • Glitch
  • Postmodernism
  • Stans
  • Colorful Black- this page describes a color scheme, rather than an aesthetic
  • Cosplay- the aesthetic depends on what character is being cosplayed.
  • Pop- a music genre that has many aesthetics (such as Country Girl Taylor Swift and Baddie Dua Lipa). It varies too much to actually be an aesthetic, and there are no set visual expectations for pop music.


  • Elaynecore
  • Vintage Academia

Single subjects

  • Firecore
  • Snailcore
  • Transportcore
  • Zentai
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