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Many pages on the Aesthetics Wiki were recently deleted for breaking rules or failing to meet standards. While some pages may stay around for a while and gain popularity on the Wiki, pages about aesthetics that exist only on the Wiki will be deleted. The rules are now clarified here, with more details on the Wiki Page Standards under our site rules tab on the top bar.

Personal and original aesthetics[]

There is now the Personal Aesthetics Wiki for a place to make your page for created aesthetics.

We are not accepting pages for personal aesthetics (meaning the page creator came up with the aesthetic rather than observe a community or visual pattern). To meet our requirements for notability, an aesthetic must be found and exemplified repeatedly online in communities on Tumblr, boards on Pinterest, and various other sources. Many personal aesthetics also combine various aesthetics together. How the wiki moderators consider "existing" is that searching up the name brings up multiple Pinterest boards, Tumblr posts, Instagram posts, etc. If the name does not exist, but it has a clear color palette, estimated origin, photo filter style, etc., it is an aesthetic that should have a page, and the creator of the page is allowed to come up with a page name, but not list themselves as a creator.

The pages that are deleted are approached like works of fiction or creating OCs, with the user coming up with a list of visuals to make. A good wiki page is made by describing and documenting something that the user did not come up with, but observed on social media/in real life.

  • Ansex Comfort
  • Artsycore
  • Duplicore
  • Emancicore
  • Epicore
  • Light Boredom
  • Floral (a personal aesthetic, not the flower pattern)
  • Bimbo Casual
  • Indicoint
  • Milleniwave
  • Nihilcore, which was largely a repeat from the Sadgirl page
  • Pastel Lacecore
  • Rural Academia
  • Cryptkeepercore
  • Royal Abomination Academia
  • Runaway runaway boy
  • Sunnycore
  • Kindness Punk
  • Neon Academia
  • Pinkfade Academia
  • Budgiecore
  • Roadcore
  • Maniac Cutesy
  • Creamcore
  • Montepaonecore
  • Abyssalcore
  • Hustlewave
  • Laucore
  • Purpled nathan core
  • Voidynstuffcore
  • Rawring
  • CutieBara
  • Nyxcore
  • GhostCandle-
  • Anoncore
  • Mudpunk
  • Inkyglow
  • Web Grunge 2011 (page is completely in French)
  • Fantasy pastel
  • MiCore
  • Wildpunk (previously known as Wolfpunk)

Pre-existing Media[]

Aesthetics based around pre-existing media are not allowed on this Wiki, because most works in general already have elements of actual aesthetics. This includes video games, TV shows & movies, franchises, celebrities, fandoms, etc. For example, a page called "Harry Pottercore" based around the Harry Potter franchise, would not be considered a valid aesthetic because it already fits the Dark Academia aesthetic. On the other hand, pages relating to celebrities that are divorced enough from their creator are allowed on the Wiki; for example, aesthetics like Morute, Draincore, Motomami, and XO were developed by the fandoms of Nicole Dollanganger, Drain Gang, ROSALÍA, and The Weeknd respectively. However, the aesthetics have grown so popular that they are no longer completely associated with those artists. This also includes other notable exceptions like Barbiecore or Sanriocore, whose fanbase is so large that people who don't necessarily enjoy Barbie or Sanrio feel invited to participate in those aesthetics, meaning they are no longer limited to a specific fandom.

  • Beatlecore
  • Wes Andersoncore
  • Eren Yeager
  • BTS members
  • Genshincore
  • Quandalecore
  • Caseycore
  • Elviscore
  • WarriorsCatsCore
  • Yoylecore
  • Burtoncore
  • Deppcore
  • Parkiard
  • Mimic
  • Goombacore
  • Wonyoungism
  • Doomcore - The page was trying to describe an aesthetic based around DOOM Eternal.
  • Jojocore
  • Brony
  • Skibidicore
  • Bayonetta
  • Blueycore
  • Garfieldcore
  • Disxcore
  • Skank Wave
  • Annacore
  • Quarkcore - Troll page

Nations and cultures[]

National culture pages are allowed if, and only if, they are specific and respectful. A page should not make broad generalizations about a culture and its people and practices. Instead, multiple pages should be made about different eras, regions, or subcultures in a nation. For example, a page about "Japancore" that lumps anime, rice paddies, samurais, bullet trains, and Shinto religious iconography would be too broad, especially if there is a statement about the character of Japanese people. However, pages on different aspects of Japanese visual culture such as "Otaku", "Taisho Roman", and "Nanchatte Seifuku" stay up because they describe aesthetics that have a specific context and do not reduce Japan to a single culture.

Classical cultures do not count as national cultures, so pages about them are welcome in the wiki, as they represent historical civilizations rather than the modern reality of the nations portrayed. For example, the Hellenic, Ancient Egyptian and Arabian Nights aesthetics have little to do with modern Greece, Egypt or the Arabian peninsula, respectively.

Another type of page that can stay up are pages of Internet and design aesthetics based on the romanticized or exaggerated aspects of a culture and, most of all, acknowledges that it is so. Again, the goal is to not reduce a culture down to a single aesthetic, but describes the context where one can see the aesthetic. For example, saying that the visuals of a page are based on how that culture is depicted in media is fine, as that is an acknowledgement that the aesthetic does not reflect reality.

  • Rural China
  • Traditional Polish
  • Traditional Ukrainian
  • Traditional Romanian
  • Hispanicore
  • Modern Brazil
  • Traditional Korean
  • Traditional Romani
  • Europecore - Folded over into Wanderlust ("Europecore" is the name given to Wanderlust on TikTok)
  • Āryatva
  • Celtic - Although pages about classical cultures are generally welcome in the Wiki, the page focused too much into modern-day Celtic cultures and therefore it was folded over into Neo-Celticism, which does classify as a movement rather than the culture itself.
  • American Core - Self-explanatory. The page itself also appeared to be redundant to Americana and Vintage Americana.

Not an aesthetic[]

Pages in this category are either too specific or too inconsistent to be considered an aesthetic.

  • Ancestrycore - an "aesthetic" themed around the graphic design choices of When requested to add images, the creator of the page did not contribute anything.
  • Bibliopunk - searching for "bibliopunk" on all social media platforms shows no results but our wiki. There also was not a gallery or any evidence that there was a subset of punks that aid libraries. A librarian can choose to be punk and vice versa, but then that is someone simply being themselves and doesn't necessitate a page. See Chaotic Academia for an actual aesthetic that incorporates elements of Bibliopunk.
  • Comiccore - an aesthetic themed around comics, which have a variety of aesthetics and artistic styles. A page based on classic 1960s comics and a superhero comics page such as DC and Marvel is more than welcome.
  • False Memory
  • Nihilcore - a page describing Nihilsm as a philosophy, with Nihilistic visuals. These Nihilistic visuals are redundant to Sad Boy/Sad Girl. Searching up Nihilcore brings up results based on people making things for the wiki, not out of an independent community.
  • Postmodernism - a philosophy without a consistent aesthetic. A page on postmodern architecture would be welcome.
  • Colorful Black - this page describes a color scheme rather than an aesthetic and had a small word count.
  • Cosplay - the aesthetic depends on what character is being cosplayed.
  • Pop - a music genre that has many aesthetics (such as Country Girl Taylor Swift and Baddie Dua Lipa). It varies too much to actually be an aesthetic, and there are no set visual expectations for pop music.
  • Tenwave
  • Fluowave
  • Berniewave
  • Wackysillygoofycore
  • Futago - the Japanese trend of "twinning" outfits. Not an aesthetic, because the visual motifs and colors are inconsistent throughout the whole practice. Gothic, Yume Kawaii, and Pop Kei fashions can all fit, making this in the same situation as Pop and Cosplay.
  • Ellacore
  • E-bunny
  • Amoguscore - Troll page created on multiple instances
  • Roomtemperaturewave
  • Corecore
  • Clowncore shows
  • Ripcore
  • Poopcore - Troll page
  • INFINIcore
  • Covidcore - An "aesthetic" revolving around the Coronavirus (specifically COVID-19), which is insensitive.
  • Autism-Core - Same as Covidcore but for ASD; additionally, the page was trying to self-promote Autism Speaks.
  • Dark Clowncore
  • Newweb
  • Admin Abuse - Troll page
  • Chill
  • Frudiger coffee
  • Suspect Girl - Looking up the aesthetic on various social platforms brought up no results.
  • School
  • Doodoofartcore - Troll page
  • Revoltcore
  • Neptunicluster - Also a single-subject aesthetic.
  • Imparsthetic
  • Core
  • Brazorian Gothic
  • Lesbianism - Not an aesthetic, self-explanatory.
  • G0y - Not an aesthetic but an LGBT-related subculture with no defined fashion or visuals.
  • Chuuniwave - Chūnibyōs are a Japanese character trope with no defined or associated visuals.
  • Panfandom - The concept of belonging to several fandoms; not an aesthetic.
  • Common image
  • Baldcore - Joke page
  • Pinterest country girl
  • Medieval Peasant-core - Page only consisted of a screenshot taken from a TikTok video containing a joke about carrying bags.
  • Sportslife
  • Nightcore - The first page that was created for the wiki with this name had nothing to do with Nightcore music, but was instead an offshoot of Spiritcore. A page was once created for Nightcore music which didn't stay up for very long, either. Nightcore songs are usually accompanied by a wide variety of aesthetics that are constantly evolving. On the other hand, pages like Technoneko2000 or Anime New Moon stay up as they focus on a single style. Nightcore music is briefly covered in the Raver page.
  • Duty - Accidental page
  • 8
  • Free smiley core
  • Warpedcore - Too broad
  • Abstract Art - Too broad
  • Bubblegum EV
  • Chrome Galactica
  • Dream Ink - Also breaks the media-based aesthetics rule
  • Honour - Accidental page
  • Babacore
  • Internet Death Grunge - An "aesthetic" revolving around death threats.
  • Nudity - The page would be TOS-breaking.
  • Beige - Beige is a color used in various aesthetics.
  • Chic - Too broad
  • Kitty - Storage page with content put on the main wiki instead of more suitable areas of the wiki such as the forums and user pages; the name of the page referred to a user the page creator was creating a page for
  • Smartinvoice - Self-promotion, didn't follow the wiki's format.
  • Trendercore - The aesthetic was created as a troll page and glorified TERF-related stereotypes towards transgender people. Particularly, the term "trendercore" was derived from the derogatory term "transtrender". It was also visually identical to Scene.
  • Gnarpcore
  • Usedcvnt - Not an aesthetic but an artist.
  • Shogun - Not an aesthetic; just a former Japanese military title
  • Sewercore - Not an aesthetic; just the name of a music album.
  • Anime Zionism - Possibly a troll page; just anime characters with Israeli military motifs
  • Meta Aesthetic - The concept of "all aesthetics". Extremely broad, possibly a troll page.
  • Level !! - Page described a level of an unknown game rather than an aesthetic
  • RBV Core - Page revolved around the use of colored lighting, a component of photo editing applicable to many aesthetics, such as Arcadecore, Cyberpunk, etc.


These pages were considered too similar to pre-existing pages and were deleted with most of their content being merged into the corresponding page.

  • Anemoiacore - Aesthetic is identical to Liminal Space.
  • K-Pop Y2K - The aesthetic was identical to Y2K Futurism, with the only relevant difference being the inclusion of K-Pop groups.
  • Kawaii Clutter - The aesthetic was identical to Cutecore.
  • Fashwave - The aesthetic consisted of Synthwave with fascist/Nazi imagery and was moved to Politicalwave.
  • Laborwave - The aesthetic consisted of Vaporwave with Stalinist/Maoist imagery, was moved to Politicalwave.
  • Kenopsia - Kenopsia is a strange emotion many people feel when they are at an empty place which is usually full of people. Kenopsia as an aesthetic would be identical to After Hours.
  • Sillycore - The aesthetic was identical to Silly.
  • Cyberfunk - The aesthetic was identical to Shibuya Punk.
  • Tanbi Kei - Already covered in Visual Kei.
  • Carnivalcore - Already covered in Fanfare.
  • Hideakicore - Identical to Traumacore, with the only major difference being the inclusion of a YouTuber called "Hideaki".
  • - Aesthetic is identical to Lovecore.
  • Decora Core - Aesthetic is identical to Decora.
  • Bachelorcore - Aesthetic is redundant to Urbancore and Playboy.

Single-Subject Aesthetics[]

Main article: Single-Subject Aesthetics

Visual diversity is an important aspect that should be present in most aesthetics. According to our wiki's standards, an aesthetic should have at least five distinct motifs, and four of them must not be copied off of other aesthetics. For example, while Dark Academia focuses on books, history, mystery, higher education and Gothic architecture, a supposed aesthetic called "Rosecore" would focus on roses as its main subject. This means the page is not visually diverse enough to be considered its own aesthetic, and would be considered a single-subject aesthetic. However, single-subject aesthetics that have reached a significant level of notability will be moved to the Single-Subject Aesthetics page.

  • Firecore
  • Snailcore
  • Transportcore
  • Glitch - A visual motif that can be applied to many aesthetics.
  • Zentai
  • Petcore
  • Dinowave
  • Teethcore
  • Carcore
  • Starr Whxre
  • Oldhouse
  • Mooncore
  • Fogcore
  • Birdcore - Page also described its meaning akin to subliminals rather than what -core suffix aesthetics usually mean.
  • GRΣΣΚ - Not an aesthetic but a common visual motif and trope present in some aesthetics.
  • Ruralcore
  • Ratcore/Mousecore
  • Retro Triangle - Already connected to aesthetics such as Synthwave, Vaporwave, etc.


These pages had less than one paragraph of information and little to no evidence of being an aesthetic.

  • Elaynecore
  • Vintage Academia
  • Objectcore
  • Living Room
  • Grunge Lovecore
  • Hopecore
  • Purecore
  • Acro
  • Aestheticscore
  • Cotton Candy

Blank Page[]

  • Watercore
  • Cannibalcore
  • Farmers son
  • Toycore
  • Vacation Bible School
  • PMC Ryodan