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Linux Ricing is the aesthetic associated with modifying and personalizing the aesthetics of Linux or similar operating system. The term "Ricing" originates from a car term for overly aesthetically customized sports cars.

Common themes include: vintage anime aesthetics (such as Serial Experiments Lain and vaporwave), and nostalgia for the bygone early internet and UNIX era. Luke Smith, a prominent figure in the online "Linux community" (although he would sarcastically denounce this title) focuses on reconnecting with nature, digital freedom and our relationship with technology and its connotations. This can be seen in his computer choice, where old ThinkPads (highly repairable and librebootable laptops) are preferred over modern laptops.

Command line programs are also encouraged over traditional desktop environments, such as tiling window managers, that are very popular in this community.


The political alignment of this aesthetic is varied and strange with socialists, Nazis, libertarians, and femboys somehow coexisting within the same FOSS community.