Liminal Space is an aesthetic that refers to the feeling of being in a transitional space that has been abandoned - an airport at 4 am or a school hallway in summer, for example. This makes it feel frozen and slightly unsettling.


Liminal Space aesthetics consists of any room, corridor or hallway that is big and empty, yet carries an eerie and unsettling vibe with it (this part is key in separating the Liminal Space aesthetic from just a regular photo of an empty room/corridor/hallway.. This effect can be achieved with photo edits (Vaporwave, Acidwave, and Glitch in particular can assist in this effect), simple lighting tricks, or just capturing the mood at the right time of day.

Some edits of Liminal Space can give the effect of being in a retro horror or RPG video game (as popularized by YouTuber/Instagramer YOURLOCALBREADMAN) which can tap into either the uncomfortable, the surreal, or could just go full-on Lovecraftian with some of the design choices made in these style of video edits.

Media Examples


Eerie photos of abandoned malls, big-box and chain stores.png
Top Secret Research Facility II by svalbard-in-winter on DeviantArt.jpg
Фото заброшенные магазины и торговые центры Изображение № 17 .jpg
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