Light Academia is an aesthetic that is the emotional opposite of Dark Academia. It involves enjoying the little things in life (and life in general), the outdoors, enjoying the company of others, and the comfort of the ones around you. It also involves an interest in literature, music, art, history and learning in general.


  • white cable-knit sweaters,
  • glasses
  • turtlenecks
  • corduroy jackets and windbreakers
  • penny loafers
  • plaid pants or straight leg jeans
  • trench coats
  • canvas bags
  • wicker bags
  • canvas trousers
  • flowy dresses
  • leather satchels
  • cardigans


Music- calming classical music, classical guitar, Edith Piaf, Lana del Rey


  • drinking coffee/going to coffee houses
  • going to art museums
  • reading (often on trains, meadows, libraries, and other calming places)
  • discussing literature with friends
  • playing classical guitar
  • exploring libraries/bookshops
  • eating breakfast in bed
  • finding beauty in everyday life
  • being calm
  • writing poetry/music
  • walking through wheat fields
  • the colour beige
  • looking at renaissance architecture
  • eating pastries in a small local bakeries
  • writing handwritten letters
  • sitting on a balcony in Paris
  • antique perfume bottles
  • being a lawful good/lawful neutral


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The fashion heading comes from Cordurose on Tumblr:

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