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The following article contains and discusses content that may be distressing to some readers.
Reason for Warning: This page discusses a lot of controversial and heavy topics such as cyberbullying, alt-right politics, propaganda, gore, self-harm, etc. and minor mentions of CSA and could trigger someone with C-PTSD or PTSD. Many aspects of Larpercore can also be offensive to specific groups of people. Please note that the administrators and editors of the Aesthetics Wiki are in no way supporting or promoting Larpercore or any actions comitted by anyone who is part of its community. This page is made for documentation purposes/spreading awareness and viewer discretion is heavily advised.

Note: This page is about the edgy online aesthetic and subculture described as "LARPers". It's not meant to be confused with true Live Action Role-Playing, which is a hobby that doesn't involve harming anyone.

Larpercore (stylized as LARPercore) is a very dark aesthetic that originated in various underground communities from Discord and TikTok. The term LARP in its original context refers to Live Action Role-Playing, which is a common harmless hobby, although in social media platforms it has been recently adopted as a slang word to describe anyone who acts "too edgy" on the internet for their own good[1]. Sometimes, it may also refer to someone who pretends to be something they are not, and in this case, the followers of the Larpercore aesthetic are often young and pretend to be part of the Military, or in extreme cases, attempt to support extremist political movements like Nazism or Pro-Putin (Z) without being fully aware of their principles and historical harm.

The aesthetic is first and foremost defined by the attitude of the community, and secondly by the extremely edgy aesthetics that are prevalent in these online circles. On social media, the followers of this aesthetic often form part of specific communities that portray themselves as "clans", or even "cults" in extreme cases. They typically present themselves online by using initials in their usernames (for example: , AFF or AGS), which they call "clan tags" and indicate what group they belong to. Along with that, they also use rare unicode characters or put "titles" that mimick the royalty on their usernames to show everyone how many times they've been banned from the platform (for example, someone with "the 13th" on their username or user biography would indicate that they have been banned 12 times). The users also have their own terminology which may confuse people who are not associated with the community.


Early Examples and Origins[]

These type of underground communities operating on social media for malicious purposes can be traced back to various early examples, such as the "Cartoon Police Groups" which were involved in harassment campaigns against the GoAnimate or Vyond fandom since the early 2010s[2]. These groups still exist today and are actually some of the most active inside the Larpercore community, such as UTubeTrollPolice, VideoGameCartoonPolice, ZeNesantTrollPolice, Anti-UTubeTrollPolice, KuKluxTrollKlan and so much more alike groups. All of the previous examples can be recognized for using a police man stock art character created in 2005 as their main collective symbol; which can be found in Wikimedia Commons under the name "Police_man_ganson.svg". The groups can also be noted for ironically pretending to "arrest" trolls on the internet although they are trolls themselves. Most of the persons they label as "trolls" are actually fans of certain media and members of some youth subcultures. Essentially, they are Live Action Role-Playing online wars against these fandoms they personally dislike. The members of these groups often engage in actions such as using a very particular set of slang and phrases (like "FRIES R UP" or "FIRST WARNING TROLL"), calling themselves "officers" and worshipping Tommy Parky (also known as Thomas Parkinson or southparkstudiosable), the alleged creator and leader of UTubeTrollPolice who used to post clickbait videos, harassed people online and even doxxed an innocent person[3]. He founded the "UTTP" group in February 13th 2011, and since then, it gained notoriety within the GoAnimate community and multiple spin-offs and copycat communities of the group were formed.

Some of the other Larpercore communities claim to have "existed" since 2016 or 2018, although there's almost no reliable evidence to confirm that, especially given the fact that these were the first years of Discord existing as a platform. There seems to be a lot of rumors surrounding their origins (because some members lie about their groups in order to appear more "mysterious" or "old gen"), and chances are most of them are friend groups that later evolved into larger cyberbullying communities. Therefore, the modern aesthetic itself appears to have originated in March 2020, overlapping with the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown in most countries. It likely formed when some individuals, sharing common interests, grouped with each other through websites like Discord, 4chan and YouTube.

Please note that this page uses the term "Larpercore" (a combination of the words "LARPer" and "Hardcore") and not simply "LARPer" to further maintain the distinction between this online phenomenon and real Live Action Role-Playing.

Capture d'écran 2024-05-29 010749

A sheet table comparing real Live Action Role-Play with Violent Extremism (the main driving force of Larpercore).

The slang term used to describe this community phenomenon with the main purpose of engaging in cyberbullying and dark aesthetics might vary by language. The most used one in English is "LARPer", which in its original context, refers to Live Action Role-Players: People who dress up in costumes and role-play in real life. This term was most likely picked because it references how people participating in the Larpercore aesthetic act as if they were part of the military on the internet, or create cyberharassment campaigns that they take too seriously, treating them as if they were large-scale wars. Another term that has been used to describe these communities based upon cyberbullying is "Alphabet Groups" or "Alphabet Soup Groups"[4][5], referencing the acronyms they use on their usernames in order to indicate what group they belong to and identify other members on social media. In the Spanish language, it seems like the most used term that describes this online subculture is "Edgy"[6] (taken from the same English word).

Furthermore, the FBI also published an official article comparing this online phenomenom with true Live Action Role-Play[7], which are very distinct for a reason. It can be found here.

Infamous Examples & Controversies[]

The most well-known individuals who started the uprising of this hatred were Lisa Gaming ROBLOX, Meowbahh, JellyBean, Chris Chan, That Vegan Teacher, Andrew Tate and alt-right influencers such as G*psy Crusader and Brenton Tarrant. Content creators like Lisa Gaming ROBLOX and Meowbahh in particular were actually trolls the entire time, and through their rage-inducing videos, they managed to gain mainstream attention. A lot of Larpercore groups were involved in attempted harrassment campaigns against these accounts, not understanding that they were meant to enrage people like them. Apart from these persons, Larpercore users also enjoy mocking real-life tragedies and the deaths of real persons. Such examples of insensitive remarks were first noted around 2020 and possibly earlier, particularly with the increasing relevance of the Black Lives Matter movement in the political landscape of the United States (which, as implied, doesn't align with the values of the Larpercore aesthetic).

The first major events caused by the Larpercore communities were "Operation Pridefall" and "Project Gachafall". Pridefall was started by an anonymous user on the /int/ board of 4chan and was set to happen during all of June 2020, and the goal of this raid was to harm the reputation of the LGBT+ community, harass people who identify as any of its identities, and boycotting corporations that support Pride[8]. However, it was never completely clear if Pridefall was created as a genuine raid or if it was simply a troll cyberharassment campaign, but still, it gained significant attention beyond 4chan and was widely reported by the media at the time. Some say the creator of Pridefall was arrested, although it's unknown if this is a rumor or true.

Meanwhile, Gachafall was a campaign inspired by Pridefall that specifically targeted the Gacha Life fandom and started on July 2020. Gachafall was first started on a "bait" Discord server that attempted to further boost the bad reputation of the Gacha community and various groups were involved in the phenomenon, including Funwaa Cult (FC), UTubeTrollPolice (UTTP), Anti-Gacha Soldiers (AGS), KuKluxTrollKlan (KKTK), Anti-Fandom Front (AFF), Anti-Gacha Life Council (AGLC), Screamer Gang (SCG), Chaos Gang (CG) and so much more. These groups typically worked closely together with each other during "Project Gachafall" and often formed direct alliances with each other[9], especially to target specific pro-Gacha groups or individuals (i.e. GachaRise)[10]. The members of these groups were active on various social media sites and Gachafall gained significant attention when a copypasta about the raid was spread around all over Discord (with the most famous screenshot being one sent by an user called "Jinzo", a member of the Funwaa Cult group), or when an anonymous user made a post on 4chan /pol/ hashtaged as "#CutForGacha"[11]. In July 2020, when the Project Gachafall came into action, multiple notorious Gachatubers were hacked and even doxxed, such as ブリトーMB, Pastellioz, KoffeeToffee, SpazzyClown, Whatever Channel, and various others. Discord servers related to Gacha Life were also "nuked" and heavily raided, and some of it escalated into severe harassment. However, it's important to note that not all participants of the Gachafall phenomenon were bad people, some of them wanted to point out mistakes that Lucas "Luni" Lee, the creator of the Gacha series and founder of the Lunime company, commited, and other issues found on his games[12][13][14]. Despite Gachafall starting in July 2020, the campaign didn't stop in August. Realistically, it continued all the way into 2022 or so, as these Larpercore groups kept targeting the fanbase or hacking their YouTube channels. Nowadays the Gacha fandom sometimes still gets targeted by them, although ever since the series have declined in relevance. In 2023 and 2024, two new anti-fandom campaigns have been created, although not as successful or relevant as the previous ones: "Dronefall" (against the Murder Drones community) and "Furfall" (against the Furry fandom).

The Foodists (also known as the "Malagasy Clay Eaters" or "The Homophobe Army") in particular are a Larpercore group whose leader is Foodistzen, a terminated YouTuber and internet troll known for posting extremely controversial content with homophobic, racist and antisemitic remarks. They have been involved in several controversies, doxxing incidents and even allegedly, p*dophilia. In October 9, 2022, they created a website called "", which lasted only four months and twenty-six days. Despite the forum's short-lived run and mid amount of dedicated members, its impact was significant and it quickly gained a bad reputation for hosting shock content (such as gore, mass-shooting videos and pictures of people engaging in self-harm[15]), posting the information of innocent people who got doxxed[16], and so much more. Nowadays the website has been shutdown, but its members are still around and they engage in actions such as mentioning "Abdul", wearing "Foodist" on their usernames as a clan tag, using the faces of doxxed persons as their profile pictures[17], and mocking deceased individuals and celebrities in order to shock. The Foodists pushed the boundaries of illegality inside the Larpercore community by actions such as SWATting innocent people, forcing an underage girl to carve the username of a Foodist member in her arm, and even mailing a rope, a bible and razor blades to an individual they doxxed. KY5, a terminated YouTuber and internet troll associated with the group, even boasted about getting an underage member of the r/GachaUnity subreddit "killed"[18]; and unfortunately, it was confirmed to be true by their friends - for respect, they will stay anonymous. Given the fact they are a really controversial group, they are hated by many other Larpercore groups and they even have a rivalry against websites such as KiwiFarms. Because of this, they have often been described as "terminally online teenagers with sociopathic tendencies" by other internet users.

After Project Gachafall became largely inactive in 2022, the UTubeTrollPolice also died down in favor of other closely related groups like the Anti-Fandom Front (AFF), which continued hacking YouTube channels with former UTTP members like Sherbase12 and others, or The Foodists. The UTubeTrollPolice had long been deemed stupid and considered a joke by the "C-Graders" of the Larpercore community, since they pretended to be hackers and most members had no actual skills in coding or hacking. This led to C-Grade groups often entering online "conflicts" against the UTTP and also caused an entire branch of the group to split up and create a short-lived clan called "Gaylos Gayming Raid Party" (GGRP)[19], a community named after "Carlos Gaming" (a young Gachatuber that was previously cyberbullied by the UTTP). However, the UTTP resurged in mid-2023, with a new server called "UTTP Empire" owned by an user called "UTTP Emperor Anime Sucks" or "HYPER BAT MAPPING". This sub-faction of UTTP is responsible for the mass-spam that has been going on in YouTube during the last year, and being quite large, it is deemed controversial because the members and staff have been allegedly distributing CSAM. In 2024, the new UTubeTrollPolice and an allied group called YouTubeFarmArmy (YFGA) regained significant attention in social media because they're currently involved in on-going controversies surrounding the Murder Drones fandom and certain YouTubers such as DannoDraws and Parlo. Nowadays, Sherbase12 is unaffiliated with UTTP and has even expressed hate for the group. Many other former members of the group were completely baffled by how the UTTP spiked in popularity and became the subject of many discussions in 2024.

In February 2023, two teenagers (a 15-year-old and a 16-year-old) were detained and investigated in Singapore after they became self-radicalized on the online game ROBLOX throughout 2021 and 2022, becoming the youngest people to be arrested for political extremism in the city. The latter quickly escalated into a real problem because they gained online contact with actual Islamist terrorists and they could've potentially got involved in terrorist activities being carried out in the country[20]. The investigation of those two Singaporean teens and their online activity revealed that their parents and family members weren't aware of their radical political views at all, and both were part of a Discord server entirely dedicated to showing off Islamist propaganda. One of the teenagers fantasized about "murdering non-muslim people in touristic places", and was found to have made an Islamic State "propaganda" video on ROBLOX, which used the Larpercore aesthetic and reenacted incidents such as executions.

The 764 group, founded in January 2021 by Bradley Cadenhead (known as "Brad764" or "Felix" online), emerged as a response to another equally harmful group called CVLT, which is primarily focused on sextortion. At the time of its creation, Cadenhead was a 15-year-old resident of Erath County, Texas, who had developed an interest in gore videos and death since he was 10 years old. He established the group with one of his Minecraft friends and took inspiration from certain 4chan boards such as /r9k/. Cadenhead, who referred to himself as a "cult leader", was ultimately sentenced to 80 years in prison for possessing CSAM and child torture videos[21].

In September 2023, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) issued a warning to parents and internet users in the United States regarding multiple Larpercore groups engaged in illegal and harmful activities. The FBI explicitly mentioned extremist communities such as 764, 676, CVLT, Court, Kaskar, Harm Nation, Leak Society, and H3ll[22] (of which some correspond to the same group using different aliases in order to not get tracked down). According to the FBI's investigation, these groups predominantly target minors between the ages of 8 and 17, and those struggling with suicidal ideation, belonging to a minority racial or ethnic group, experiencing a mental disorder or disability, or identifying as part of the LGBT+ community are more likely to become targets. The FBI also suggested potential links between these groups and the Order of Nine Angles (ONA/O9A)[23], a Satanist and Neo-Nazi political movement originating in the 1970s in the United Kingdom.

These groups came to the FBI's attention in 2021 following the arrest of Angel Almeida, a 23-year-old member of the 764 group, in Queens (New York). Almeida had an Instagram account where he bragged about his illegal activities, and was subsequently detained and investigated for possessing firearms as a previously convicted felon[24][25]. The investigation regarding his online activity revealed connections to the respective violent extremist online communities, and pictures of him wearing odd clothing (like skull face masks, shirts with phrases that encourage crude humor and Satanist flags) were also found. He also expressed interest in child abuse and was later charged with possession of CSAM in 2023. During the investigation, a close friend and neighbor of Almeida indicated that he was unaware of Almeida being a Satanist, declaring that he never spoke up about it and describing him as a "stupid kid"[26]. Comparing this incident with other Larpercore-related stories, this suggests that most of the users engaged in this online subculture keep their hateful ideologies and harmful online activities a secret in real life.

Another Harm Nation/764 member who reached infamy for commiting cyberabuse is Beaujack Mensforth, better known by his online pseudonym "Yuri", a British teenager from Sunderland who LARPed as a criminal/hacker online although in reality he was just targeting whoever he saw as "weak" in order to spread his ideology of hating the world[27]. He especially bragged about extorting approximately 40 girls into commiting self-harm and even manipulating minors into abusing and killing their own pets over the internet. As a consequence, his personal information was eventually leaked to the public by the Doxbin community in October 2023 to encourage him to rethink his choices. Because of this noticeable aspect focusing on spreading politically-motivated fear, the FBI officially recognizes every 764-affiliated Larpercore community as cyberterrorist organizations[28]. Furthermore, one of the most endorsed philosophies within these online networks is accelerationism (a political ideology inside both the far-left and far-right political spectrum with minor variations; which asserts the belief that western Capitalist societies are doomed to "collapse" and therefore the process should be "accelerated" to impose a new system). In this case, 764 and its offshoots such as "Cultist" believe that the process of "collapsing society" should be accelerated via desentizing minors to violence, cyberabusing them or potentially traumatizing them. Since then, various other members of these "Com"-affiliated groups have been arrested. Due to the disturbing reality of these events, see the Order of Nine Angles page on Wikipedia for more information on other 764 members who have been arrested and why.



The "recruiting server" of a Larpercore group called "Chaos Gang", which has already been taken down from the website.

The types of communities within Larpercore vary depending on the platform. On YouTube, you may find more Anti-Gacha communities[29] compared to TikTok where Anti-Furry communities are more rampant. However, they all come together on the same platform, Discord. As pictured, sometimes they create "recruitment" servers which almost always get abandoned or banned in order to gather up more people to commit their malicious actions.

As implied, it's worth noting that the Larpercore community is fragmented but connected. Since the users affiliate themselves with different communities, which they personally call "clans" or even "cults", there are various groups that don't like each other or "compete" over which one is better, while some of them might consider themselves "close allies". Yet, despite this hair-splitting inside the community, all of them seem to share the same type of crude humor and emphasis on cyberbullying, and most of them share similar aesthetics involving anything dark or references to the military/political undertones. Additionally, most Larpercore clans will add definitions of their groups in Urban Dictionary, most likely in order to "encourage" new members to join.

On Discord, there are a lot of communities based around this concept and their servers typically get taken down easily and are easy to find through Disboard tags such as "anti", "raid", or most commonly, "LARP". The level of edginess found in the groups largely varies: some of them might just enjoy cyberbullying teenagers because of their hobbies or interests (which is the case of most Anti-Furry groups), while other groups such as AFF or the UTTP might go too far and dox children or hack YouTube channels and Discord accounts. However, the most extreme groups, such as The Foodists, Slitbunnies, TSUKI Project[30] and 764[31] have engaged in more extreme and illegal behavior, including but not limited to extorting minors for nudes or self-harm pictures, manipulating mentally vulnerable teenagers into taking their own lives[32], and SWATting the families of disabled children. This has led to many of the members being arrested or placed under surveillance by the authorities[33], These particular extremist groups typically call themselves "extorters", "extortion com" or "ext com", since as it implies, they practice extortion. Some have also described them as "suicide cults" because they have actually harmed people mentally and physically. While these extorter groups are considered part of the Larpercore community, it's important to consider these are only extreme cases and not all of the community is accepting of these groups or have inherent links to them.

Interacting with these Larpercore groups poses a limited threat when the members don't know someone's personal information (which is often used to threaten or extort someone) or manage to manipulate them. Safety measures would include not disclosing any personal details to them, as well as avoiding sketchy downloads or clicking on links they send such as IP grabbers. A large amount of Larpercore users pretend to be hackers, although this isn't really true in most cases. They mainly rely on simple manipulation methods such as social engineering, extortion, threats, cyberstalking, online impersonation, hate speech, blackmailing and alike, which can be preventable. However, the cyberbullying witnessed in some communities and the spread of shock content can be really alarming to deal with. These behaviors should be appropiately reported to the respective platforms they use. If they commit an actual crime, it's also important to report it to the authorities.

Multiple Larpercore communities, along with their acronyms or "clan tags", are listed below in alphabetical order[34][35]. This list has a disproportionate focus on "C-Grade" and its associated groups likely due to poor archiving in other 'grades', especially "O-Grade" where its 'clans' don't care as much about keeping records. Please note some groups might be inactive or disbanded but are still worth mentioning.

  • Angel Of Spades (AOS or ཌ∆ØŜད)
  • Anti-Fandom Front (AFF)
  • Anti-Gacha Life Council (AGLC)
  • Anti-Gacha Soldiers (AGS)
  • Anti-Server Police Department (ASPD or ༺∆SPD༻)
  • Anti-UTubeTrollPolice (AUTTP)
  • Chaos Gang (CG or【CG】)
    • Cubed (C3 or ⦕ℂ³⦖) (alias)
  • Collective States of the Conquerland (CSC or ⦃ϾṨϾ⦄)
  • CVLT[36]
  • Energy/Synergy (EY/SY or ⦃$¥⦄/⦃€¥⦄)
  • Funwaa Cult (FC or «𝙁𝘾»)
  • Gacha Hunters (GH[37])
  • Gaylos Gayming Raid Party (GGRP)
  • Grand Coalition of Anti-Degenerates (GCAD or [𝐆.𝐂.𝐀.𝐃])
  • Grand Demolition Reich (GDR)
  • Hells Angels (HA or ཎĦΔན)
  • His Majesty's Guard (HMG,《Ħᛗ₲》or [ĦМ₲])
  • KK48 (〚Ж48〛)
  • KuKluxTrollKlan (KKTK)
  • NOKKO (NKK, [NOЖО] or 𓊈NЖ𓊉)
  • Polox Syndicate (P$ or ⦇P$⦈)
  • PWNSEC (PWN or [PШИ])
  • Sanctify The Osvigati (GATI)
  • Screamer Gang (SCG)
  • Seduce Server Skelles (S.S.S.)
  • Slitbunnies
  • Spades Gang (『♤』 or SG)
  • The Division (TD or [𝕋𝔻])
  • The Coalition
  • The Foodists (Foodist)
  • The Hellfire Demon Trolling Corporation (THDTC)
  • The Internet Army (TIA)
  • The Knights Templar (TKT or〚₮ᴋ₮〛)
  • The Necromancers (NA or ཎNΛན[38])
  • The Notorious Templaro (TNT or ⸉[†ɴ†]⸊)
  • The People's Republic Of Untitled (UTL)
  • TSUKI Project (月)
  • United Kingnites of the Krown (UЖ, ⟅UӜ⟆ or UKK[39])
    • Konzosiation of the Nine Armies (KONA or ༺Ḳ𐍈ŇΛ༻) (former name)
  • United Raiders Association (URA or ⟅ᴜʀᴀ⟆)
  • UTubeTrollPolice (UTTP)
  • VideoGameCartoonPolice (VGCP)
  • YouTube Farm Gang Army (YFGA)
  • ZeNesantTrollPolice (ZNTP)
  • 36 F*gs (36F)
  • 4th Brigade (4th or ཌ𝟒𝐭𝐡ད[40])
  • 764 (⁷⁶⁴)
    • 676, Court, Kaskar, Harm Nation, Leak Society, H3ll, SickFuQNation (closely related groups/aliases)
    • Cultist (subgroup)

The Grade System[]

The groups shown above are typically classified by the so-called "Grade System", which was developed by the UЖ group, especially the leader of the group at that time YurianHyperGG in order to breakdown the communities. It is pretty much exclusively used by "C-Grade" groups to feel more powerful over other Larpercore groups, and many of the grades listed below are either defunct or completely irrelevant (like the "Bullet-Force Grade"). Some of these categories only had true significance to YurianHyperGG, the creator and leader of UЖ, (unrelated to "Yuri" of 764, referenced above) but then the grade system continued being used by the other Larpercore groups and most of them became irrelevant. Additionally, many of these groups engage in harmful actions in order to gain attention, infamy or "social prestige" within their own circles, and that's likely one of the most important reasons why these classifications are in place. This is one of the most niche aspects of the Larpercore attitude and may be slightly hard to explain to people unfamiliar with this online phenomenon. Out of all the categories, only C-Grade and O-Grade are truly relevant, while D-Grade continues to be used as an insult and M-Grade and N-Grade groups continue to exist without drawing too much attention.

The only type of groups that are not covered in the grade system are those that focus on extortion and illegal activities, like CVLT and 764 with all of its off-shoots and subgroups (Harm Nation, Kaskar, Cultist, etc.), since they don't fit any existing category and have very different goals, ideologies and intentions from the rest of the Larpercore community. After all; they are one of the few groups that have actually managed to be officially classified as "terrorist organizations" by the FBI. While the C-Grade/O-Graders are aware of the existence of these groups associated with 764 and illegality, there is no direct connection between them. In fact, many members of the Larpercore community don't approve of their behavior. The UTTP and all of its copycat groups might also not count as any grade, and rather stand out on their own as part of the "Cartoon Police Groups" that originated in the GoAnimate fandom.

The relevant "grades" that are still active in the Larpercore community include:

  • C-Grade - Standing for "Coalition", it's possibly the most controversial and relevant grade. It is very significant to the Larpercore community because it developed ties to every other "grade" and community involved with this online subculture, ranging from O-Grade to groups like UTTP. C-Grade has no inherent connection to criminal groups like 764. Some of the most infamous groups within this grade include UKK, NOKKO and URA. It is currently going through a "revival" in 2024 carried by groups such as "Grand Coalition of Anti-Degenerates" (GCAD), which attempted to unite the community again after it began to decline a bit in 2022. Additionally, it's supposedly further divided in various subcategories, such as:
    • CC - Clans like UKK that used to rule C-Grade or try to seem superior to C-Grade, this grade was created by Arminius. It still exists in a small bit today as just UKK, some other notable clans that claimed to be within this grade were NOKKO and URA.
    • Upper C-Grade - The most powerful clans in the Coalition.
    • Middle C-Grade Higher appointed clans by the Coalition.
    • Lower C-Grade - Newly created and lesser competent clans.
  • D-Grade - Arguably defunct. It is the "Disappointment Grade" and refers to groups that rely on stealing code and scripts from Github and manual spam, or have members that don't necessarily align with the general values of the Larpercore community. The most notorious D-Grade clan is "36 F*gs", or 36F, a clan made by members of the Gacha community during "Project Gachafall" as their own stand against much of the Larpercore community.
  • M-Grade - The "Mapper Grade". It refers to Larpercore groups that are inherently related to the "Mapping" community or the Countryballs fandom. These groups are typically run by younger people when compared to the other ones, and they are often preyed on by C-Graders because they exhibit nationalist ideologies they don't fully understand and therefore get easily offended at people who don't agree with their perception of countries or national identity.
  • N-Grade -The "NationStates Grade". The term is used to describe Larpercore groups that are based around a specific fictional country, or those that use elements of political satire (also known as "Mock Governments"). Like the M-Grade, it also involves taking a liking to Countryballs, except the members tend to be older.
    • Users from C-Grade or other orbiting communities like the UTTP often joined from M-Grade and N-Grade. For example, user "HYPER BAT MAPPING"[41], now known as "Emperor Anime Sucks UTTP"[42] was originally a fairly well known M-Grader.
  • O-Grade - Standing for "Oxygen Grade", apparently named after the group of the same name that the "C-Graders" discovered in 2020, it describes a very specific and relatively large type of groups where the members pretend to be rich and/or hackers, and their Discord servers often have a lot of Nitro boosts and a vanity link. The members of this grade sometimes engage in extortion and social-engineering in order to gain money or somehow profit. They are often financially motivated rather than ideologically motivated, unlike the anti-fandom Larpercore groups. They may also be motivated by gaining notoriety and clout within their own circles. They rarely ever use the unicode/"alphabet soup" or paramilitary aesthetic that C-Graders use in their servers and profiles. During 2020 and 2021, the members of O-Grade and C-Grade became hostile towards each other due to their differences. However, since O-Grade is way larger than C-Grade, most O-Graders are unaware of the existence of C-Grade other than users who have been previously involved with it, while most members of the C-Grade groups appear to know about O-Grade and have in many cases joined them while still maintaining their connections to their 'original' community. The O-Grade groups frequently engaged in "packing", in which two parties or more roasted or insulted each other through voice chat as fast as possible, often for comical value. Some notable packers (who aren't necessarily part of O-Grade) are ThizzKid and PackGod. This was deemed "stupid" and pointless by the C-Graders who had different motives, goals and systems. Today there is far less hostility between these two categories. A minority of O-Grade appears to orbit around the website Doxbin, often known as the "Com". The users in this minority are potentially more skilled than the others, or at least take things more seriously. However, the Doxbin-focused community has struggled to keep itself on Discord since the official server was repeatedly taken down for privacy and cyberharassment concerns.

While the defunct or irrelevant "grades" that are no longer used include:

  • A-Grade - This grade corresponds to the so-called "Bagrand Alliance" between Larpercore groups. These include the following groups: Hells Angels, The Notorious Templaro, Synergy/Energy, Red and Wine, Osvigati and The Polox Syndicate, of which all presumably disbanded by 2020.
  • B-Grade - It corresponds to the "Bullet-Force Grade", named after the video game of the same name. The category only had significance to YurianHyperGG, since many of his friends and fellow group members advertised themselves in that game.
  • F-Grade - Standing for the video game "Foxhole", it refers to two groups called KKM and NRX. This category is supossedly nearly identical to the "C-Grade", but only encompasses two communities. Like B-Grade, it only ever had any relevance to YurianHyperGG and his friends who advertised themselves in the game.
  • G-Grade - It stands for "Ganglandian Grade" and referred to any Larpercore group whose name ends in "gang" (for example, Screamer Gang). It was essentially a category for lesser-skilled C-Grade groups.
  • S-Grade - A tongue-in-cheek term that means "Stalin Grade" and refers to any Larpercore group that focuses on the Communist ideology. Communism is really rare among this aesthetic, hence why this classification existed.
  • W-Grade - Standing for "Call of War grade", it refers to members of the Larpercore community who discovered it through the video game of the same name, especially in 2020. This probably also only had relevance to YurianHyperGG and his friends to advertise themselves.
  • Y-Grade - A self-insert grade originally created by YurianHyperGG to distinguish himself from the rest of the Larpercore community. It was also an inside joke, with many people not taking it seriously at all.
  • Z-Grade - It stands for "Zombie Grade" and refers to former members of the Larpercore community who quitted sometime around 2021.

Ironmat Order of Magnitude[]

However, a user by the name of MarioFan171 (also known as Semaphore) created the "Ironmat System", to classify Larpercore groups in alternative classes, modifying the previous grade system created by YuriHyperGG. It has a more realistic approach to a classification of these groups, since it emphasizes their actions and not their common aesthetic or interests.

Unlike the "Grade" system, The Ironmat System is not used internally by members of the community and only functions as an outside framework for approaching the subject.

The Ironmat System or Ironmat Order of Magnitude (IOoM) is used to classify the different types of Larpercore Groups ranging from groups that base their identity on online banter, bullying and trashtalking but aren't necessarily insensitive (Classes 1-3), to groups that dox dissidents/enemies and hack social accounts and not necessarily pushing beyond societal taboo (Classes 4-7), to groups that push the boundaries of illegality and morality (Classes 8-10)[43].

  • Class 1 - The lowest class, which includes Larpercore groups that are palatable to societal norms, especially with the topic of Anti-Furry. One example is the Anti-UTubeTrollPolice (AUTTP).
  • Class 2 - An amplified version of the previous class, but could be also used for developing lower-class clans, that leveled to a new class.
  • Class 3 - Clans that encourage the practice of ragebait, which is uploaded in various video sharing sites like YouTube or TikTok. This level also applies to clans that tinker with unicode characters, to appear more "threatening"
  • Class 4 - A higher class of clans, which use platforms like YouTube Shorts, TikTok and Instagram Reels, to propagate their societal norms, morals and ideology to the youth, to attempt to gain as much influence as possible.
  • Class 5 - Clans that launch cyberharassment campaigns against fandoms they dislike, and are much more aggressive towards opinions that don't align with their values. Some examples include YouTubeFarmGangArmy (YFGA), Anti-Gacha Soldiers (AGS) and Grand Coalition of Anti-Degenerates (GCAD).

The next five classes are groups that are considered controversial, and don't adhere to the law or the internet etiquette. Trolls that adhere to these higher-tier classes are considered "post-trolls" according to Semaphore, the creator of this classification, since their actions go beyond simply trolling and can damage other internet users to various degrees.

  • Class 6 - A weaker version of the next class. It emcompasses groups that steal code from programmer platforms like GitHub, especially obsessing over hacker culture. They can be accurately described as "script kiddies" or "skids".
  • Class 7 - These are groups that are skilled with hacking or coding, as well as doxxing or SWATting other internet users. This includes stealing the victim's personal information and Discord tokens. They are typically associated with far-right political ideologies such as Fascism and Neo-Nazism. One example is The Foodists.
  • Class 8 - Groups that enter illegal territory, by actions such as extorting minors for nudes, manipulating mentally vulnerable teenagers to commit suicide, or SWATing.
  • Class 9 - Online clans that act like a movement, cult, or a new religious movement. They engage in all of the behavior above, but in mass. They also adhere to dangerous philosophies and societal beliefs. One such example is the TSUKI Project.
  • Class 10 - The highest and edgiest class, which includes groups that practice enough harmful actions to be acknowledged as terrorist organizations according to authorities such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Such examples are 764, 676, CVLT, Leak Society and Harm Nation. However, these groups are extremely rare in the community as a whole.


The Larpercore groups and their members generally have a reputation for being politically incorrect and offensive, including acting like the military online on platforms such as Discord, where user roles such as "Warden", "Private", "Emperor" and "Soldier" are frequently used. They are usually very strict about what type of persons can join their groups, asking new members to share screenshots of their online connections (such as friend lists or server lists) to make sure they fit in with the group's values. These groups claim to be against things they consider "degenerate", but this often just means things they personally dislike, and some members have been hypocritical by involving themselves in harmful or even illegal activities that are actually degenerate, unlike those things they label as such. They express this by creating cyberharassment campaigns against certain fandoms and online communities, ranging from fans of some video games and webseries to subcultures such as Furries, essentially creating online "wars". Because of this, they tightly moderate their Discord servers in order to not get reported or banned, with actions such as removing their text messages every week or even every day. Another common hypocritical occurrence in the Larpercore community is that the users tend to describe themselves as "chill", but this is usually only true within their own circles.

Larpercore is largely influenced by internet culture from platforms like Discord and 4chan, while the feminine side of the aesthetic has some influences from the Femcel subculture and anime. However, that's just a minority because the aesthetic itself mainly consists of men and women are rarely found in the communities unless they fit that specific archetype. The majority of the community is hostile towards the LGBTQ+ community, frequently targeting transgender, non-binary and non-heterosexual individuals with online harassment. It's also important to note most of the participants in this online subculture are teenagers aged between 13 and 20 who tend to spend excessive time on the internet and believe they are "dangerous" or "powerful". For them, cyberbullying simply entertains their power fantasies because they believe they can get away with anything in the online world, unlike real life. However, a small minority of Gen Alpha is also beginning to adopt this aesthetic due to propagandistic content in social media and online video games such as ROBLOX[44]. The participants are very rarely adults or convicted criminals. There's also a significant overlap between Larpercore and the Incel ideology, although Larpercore users aren't necessarily incels. After all, most of them are teenagers and might not identify with specific dating beliefs.

A really disturbing aspect of Larpercore is its members' tendency to mock real-life deaths and tragedies. They often reference figures like George Floyd, Ronnie McNutt, Shuaib Aslam, Rorochan_1999, Technoblade and several others in insensitive ways, often using catchphrases and creating "memes" that trivialize their deaths. These so-called memes primarily consist of creating fake "gaming" YouTube channels for them, deepfakes of their faces, Friday Night Funkin' mods reenacting their deaths, writing songs about them with edgy lyrics, or editing their deaths into shock content compilations. Naxinet is the most infamous FNF mod creator, known for his controversial mod called "Monday Morning Live Leakin'", which makes fun of several deaths and even goes as far as sampling 911 calls from the victim's loved ones for "comical value". This has led to Naxinet being repeatedly cricitized for his actions, with some people even managing to call the school he attends to alert his teachers and family about his actions and dangerous beliefs. This behavior generally demonstrates a lack of empathy towards the victims, as well as the respective consequences of these tragedies.

Some recognizable "catchphrases" include:

  • "That was breathtaking" - A reference to George Floyd's death.
  • "That was mind-blowing" - A reference to Ronnie Mcnutt's death.
  • "I guess that's it" - A quote from Ronnie Mcnutt.
  • "Jordan, are you recording, Jordan?" - A quote from Shuaib Aslam.
  • "Roro Chan Challenge" - A harmful "challenge" referencing Rorochan_1999's death.

Another trait commonly seen in Larpercore is the glorification of terrorists, mass shooters, and school shooters, as many users have been found idolizing figures like the Columbine shooters, the Buffalo shooter, Brenton Tarrant, Théodore Kaczynski, Audrey Hale, Adam Lanza and many other criminals. While some do it to feel edgy and controversial, others express genuine admiration. This is especially true in online spaces like Roblox, where they occasionally dress up their avatars as shooters and even create games referencing these catastrophic events[45]. Along with the previous aspect of mocking deceased individuals, this suggests a trend of disregarding human life.

While the exact reasons for these disturbing behaviors based around mocking deceased persons and glorifying criminals remain unknown, some suggest these actions might be a response to feelings of isolation experienced by teenagers, especially considering that the Larpercore community peaked during the COVID-19 pandemic, when most schools were closed and real-life socialization virtually stopped. This is again exemplified by Naxinet, the FNF modder who created an insensitive mod mocking several deaths. When some people wanted to find out why he did such things, he attempted to justify it with his own personal misfortunes.


The slang associated with Larpercore is largely drawn from the internet culture of online platforms like Discord and 4chan. Here's a breakdown of term frequently used in this online subculture:

  • LARP - Despite originally referring to Live Action Role-Play, in this context it's used to describe a group/clan in a vague way. EX: "That's a Discord LARP clan."
  • Dox/Doxxing - The act of someone leaking the personal information of another internet user. Although it's technically not illegal and for the most part unregulated by the law, it almost always overlaps with another crime, such as stalking or harassment.
  • Pizza Bombing - The act of mailing unwanted pizza to someone's door as a "prank" (typically to someone who has been doxxed[46]). Just like doxxing, it's not illegal in most countries, but it's still harmful because the victims could have their home address blocked from food delivery services. It's also unethical to the workers and since most of the time no one pays for these false orders, the ordered food often goes to waste and the delivery persons won't profit.
  • Swat/Swatting - The act of prank-calling a national emergency phone number and reporting a false incident with the victim's address so a SWAT team shows up at their home. Although really similar to pizza bombing, it's way more dangerous and actually illegal. People who practice SWATting can face serious legal charges, and there's also a risk of the victim getting killed depending on the threat reported to the authorities[47].
  • Tox/Toxxing - The act of someone in the Larpercore community mass-reporting another server or user with malicious intentions[48]. In severe cases it involves the participants sending extremely graphic shock imagery to the victims, like extreme gore, pictures of dead bodies, CSAM[49] or even a mix of the three. The word originated in the Hells Angels (HA) group.
  • DDoS/DDoSing - The malicious attempt to disrupt the normal traffic of a targeted server. In the Larpercore community, a lot of people might attempt to DDoS the Internet Protocol Addresses (IPs) of the people they don't like.
  • Raid/Raiding - The act of spamming a Discord server chats or DMs, YouTube and/or TikTok comment sections. Done with the intent to annoy the person or community.
  • Nuke/Nuking/Nuke Bots - An act of when someone who follows the Larpercore lifestyle gets the Admin role in a Discord server and destroys it by deleting channels, banning members or even changing the server icon and title[50]. The remaining members of the server are then mass-pinged, causing disruptions to the users. Nowadays most nuke bots in the Larpercore community are programmed, although in the early days of the community bots with stolen code from Github were really prevalent.
  • Dislike Bombing - A term that was almost exclusively used on YouTube to refer to an act of mass-disliking someone's videos. The primary targets of Dislike Bombing were children, because dislikes and likes are more likely to affect their self-esteem. Nowadays this practice has stopped because platforms like YouTube removed visible dislikes. Alongside that, sometimes they would leave really rude comments.
  • Ragebait/Ragebaiting/Ragefarming - The act of a member of the Larpercore community saying something extremely infuriating online in order to make internet users angry or "rage". Most of the time, they will say surrealistic, non-sensical or even illegal things in order to shock others. Some groups such as UTTP ragebait people on YouTube by spamming disgusting phrases on comment sections, and it's better to not reply or give them any attention.
  • Colonized Servers - A term almost exclusively used on Discord, which refers to an act of a LARP group/clan "colonizing" another server. In practice it's really similar to "nuking", but the server members won't be banned and remain unless they leave, which makes it almost useless since most users wouldn't want to stay in the raided server.
  • Bait Servers - Another term exclusively used on Discord, which refers to a guild/server disguised as a controversial theme in order to catch the attention of new members but actually differs from such topics. The servers in question are typically found on websites like Disboard.
  • Skid - A diminutive form of the term "script kiddie". This adjective is used in Hacker culture to describe people who don't know how to code but still attempt to be part of the Hacker community, and they may often steal scripts from platforms like Github without giving credit to their respective programmers. This term can apply to a great percentage of the Larpercore community.
  • Token Grabbing - On Discord, this refers to someone using malicious code against another user to acquire their user tokens. In the platform, tokens represent an alternate way to log in on someone's account without introducing the password, so they have always been easy targets for Skids and Larpercore users. Most token grabbing hacks are done through installing malicious archives (including infected images, sound files, etc.) and if one's token has been compromised then resetting your password will also reset your token.
  • Otax/Otaxxing - A "exploit tool" allegedly created by the Hells Angels (HA) group in 2016, which "token grabs" someone's Discord account upon accepting or denying an infected friend request[51]. It's unknown whether this hacking method actually exists or even works, and according to the rumors it is gatekept for approximately between "10" and "20" Larpercore users (who allegedly call themselves "The Otax Club"). Most of the time, it's used as a scare tactic and probably doesn't exist.
  • Selfbot - Also abbreviated as "SB", it's a type of script that Larpercore users often run on their accounts in platforms like Discord, allowing them to use functions typical of a bot in a chatroom (like custom commands, bulk-deleting messages, spamming automatically, and so on). It's important to note that these exploits are forbidden in the platform and can be punishable by a permanent ban.
  • Bypass - Mostly used on the video game ROBLOX. It refers to any content that typically wouldn't be allowed in the game (this can be a loud song with swearing, a flag representing a far-right political faction, an avatar or game depicting real-life tragedies, etc.). Those in the Larpercore community sometimes run entire Discord servers dedicated to creating these types of content.
  • Anti-Gacha and Anti-Furry - People who base their identities around hating Gacha Life or the Furry subculture.
  • Wehraboo - A pejorative term similar to Weeaboo that refers to young non-German people who are obsessed with Germany and its military history (mainly Nazi Germany, followed only by Prussia and the German Empire). Most Larpercore fans can be classified as Wehraboos.
  • Kek - Used as a substitute for LOL or ROFL.
  • Degen - Diminutive form of the word "degenerate". Most of the time it's used as a derogatory term for anyone who likes furries, anime, Gacha Life, etc. or simply doesn't align with their values.
  • Moralf*g - A combination of the words "moral" and a slur towards queer people. The term first emerged in 4chan and it's used to describe basically any person that doesn't approve of the Larpercore attitude. As implied, the persons who use this as an insult typically have a really messed up moral compass and values.
  • Fed/The Feds - Diminutive form of the word "federal". It's typically used to describe any figure of authority - ranging from intelligence agencies to the police or social media moderators. EX: "The feds already found my new account".
  • Jannie - A slang word derived from "janitor" that originated in various image boards such as 4chan. It is used in a similar manner to "fed", but it specifically only refers to content moderators.
  • Funni/The Funnies/Do the Funni - A phrase that originated from a meme about Poland's NATO Article 5. Funni is a mispelling of "funny", adding a sarcastic tone to the word. So, in a Larpercore context, "funni" can refer to doing something malicious to another person (because in its Polish meme context it refers to nuclear annihilation[52]), or owning "embarrasing" screenshots of another user. EX: "I'm gonna do the funni to his Discord server", "I have some funnies to show you".
  • Operation Pridefall, Project Gachafall, Dronefall, Furfall, etc. - A hateful trend that was first started with the "Pridefall" controversy on 4chan, which assured that during Pride Month 2020, many members of the LGBT+ community were allegedly harassed and doxxed[53]. This plan ultimately failed, and its creator was allegedly arrested, although later the Larpercore community created other events suffixed with "fall" targeting various fandoms and pieces of media. Gachafall, Dronefall and Furfall were started by members of Funwaa Cult (FC), UTubeTrollPolice (UTTP) and Grand Coalition of Anti-Degenerates (GCAD), respectively.
  • Roro Chan Challenge - A phrase that references the death of the 14-year-old Japanese streamer Rorochan 1999[54]. This phrase became popular in 2020 when a tribute music video/song about her went viral on YouTube through the algorithm, and members of the Larpercore community started making videos referencing it via acts such as jumping off a building in video games like ROBLOX[55]. According to some news reports, some teenagers were actually harmed after trying the so-called "challenge".
  • Fansigning or Cutsigning - An extremely sadistic practice done by some extremist Larpercore groups, which refers to forcing someone (usually a minor and/or a girl) into doing self-harm and carving the group's initials onto their body. This word originally didn't have any violent connotations and originated in the K-Pop community. This term officially appears in a FBI warning about extremist Larpercore communities that practice extortion, like Harm Nation or 764.
  • Monke - A diminutive form of the word "monkey", which is typically used as an insult on Discord. This most likely comes from the interpretation that monkeys are "dumber" than humans.
  • Chimp/Chimping/Chimping Out - Derived from the word "chimpanzee". This verb is used to describe someone getting really annoyed by a troll, or basically a violent outburst[56]. Although the word originally had racist connotations, Larpercore users seem to use it regardless of race. EX: "She started chimping when I insulted her", "He chimped out when he saw the picture".
  • Seethe - A verb that refers to someone getting filled with intense rage, but without directly expressing it. This is similar to the word "chimpout" but without the stereotypical violent outburst. EX: "I'm gonna punch his teeth out to make him seethe".
  • Larpistan/Kekistan - Two infamous examples of made-up countries. Larpistan is a name that's been often jokingly referenced within the community, while Kekistan originally came from 4chan. They are suffixed with "-stan", since it's considered to be the stereotypical suffix of Central Asian countries.
  • "Keep Yourself Safe!" - An euphemism for encouraging someone to take their own life on the internet. While it may seem innocent to people who don't know the context behind it, the phrase comes from the "KYS" acronym, which is equally used for the same motives.
  • Ropemaxxing - A combination of "rope" and "-maxxing" (a slang term originating from the Incel subculture). While in the Incel community it's used to refer to "ugly" men who are "beyond fixing" and hopeless in love, in the Larpercore community it is simply used to encourage someone to take their own life, specifically with a rope.
  • "The industrial revolution and its consequences" - A reference to Ted Kaczynski. This phrase is often used to criticize any content creator, group of people or piece of media they perceive as "cringe".
  • Group-specific Lingo - Given the collectivism inside the Larpercore community, some groups use their own catchphrases that are limited to their own bubbles. For example, some of the most infamous phrases by the UTubeTrollPolice group include "FRIES R UP", "Hi guy's", "COFFEE AND FRIES", "BIG & STRONG", "UTTP Club", "Let’s get these liverpool scouse bastards for Tommy Parky guys" or "Thy".


Followers of the Larpercore aesthetic often participate in the following activities:

  • Trolling on the internet
  • Cyberbullying and witch-hunting people on Discord, TikTok, etc.
  • Nuking Discord servers
  • Creating "propaganda" videos as aesthetic edits on TikTok or YouTube Shorts
  • Attempting to "recruit" people in order to create cyberharassment campaigns
  • Watching real-life gore or sending it to other unsuspecting people as shock content
  • Pretending to be part of the Military
  • Obsessing over Hacker culture
  • Reading Encyclopedia Dramatica or editing it
  • Vandalizing wiki sites that document pieces of media they don't like
  • Defending countries on Pixelboard-themed games
  • Participating in cringe culture (making fun of furries, cosplayers and/or fans of certain media, watching cringe compilations, etc.)
  • Selectively participating in cancel culture (claiming to hate it or be against it, but regardless participating in the "cancellation" of content creators or authors they personally dislike.)
  • Stealing code from Github


Larpercore users primarily express their aesthetic through their online identity, and this aspect encompasses the "clan tags" almost always seen in their usernames, profile pictures, the avatars they wear on multiplayer games, and the type of content they share online. Their profile pictures often include "edgy undertones", like glitch effects, black and white filters, symbology that indicates what group they belong to (clan tags and sometimes custom portraits) and references to the military or controversial political ideologies/religions (mostly Fascism, Neo-Nazism, Satanism and/or Islamic Terrorism). References to Hacker culture are also really prevalent, and the users sometimes use rare Unicode characters and letters/characteristics from foreign languages they most likely don't speak (German, Japanese, Greek, Russian and/or Arabic in particular) in their usernames in order to appear more "threatening". Other motifs commonly noted in the aesthetic are lighting effects, skull masks, glowing red eyes, monster faces with sharp smiles, green filters (referencing jokes about "CIA officers glowing in the dark"), devils/Satanist imagery, and everything else.

Online, the users share content that can easily be seen as inappropiate, insensitive or disrespectful, including dark memes (like Trollge, memes with elements of hate speech, or reaction images used with the purpose of cyberbullying), inaccurate and glorified depictions of schizophrenia (with various users describing themselves as "schizo" without proper diagnosis of a schizophrenic condition), content that mocks real-life tragedies and the deaths or real people (seen in online game avatars and custom games), memes that involve extremely controversial topics, and so much more. The users of the Larpercore community have also been known for participating in controversial trolling campaigns; some of them have created fake Pride flags that represent non-existing sexualities to infiltrate the LGBT+ community. Some of the most infamous examples have to be the "Dreamsexual" pride flag (described as the "attraction towards Dream", a YouTuber), or the "MAP" pride flag, which was created on 4chan as a joke promoting "inclusivity" and "normalization" towards p*dophiles inside the community. However, these trolling attempts were virtually rejected. Similarly, Larpercore users also create custom country flags with really edgy elements or light inspiration from Fascist regimes, and they typically post these flags as GIFs on platforms like Tenor. On TikTok, aesthetic edits glorifying the Military are often shared, typically accompained by Drift Phonk music or Hardstyle remixes of pre-existing songs.

Some Larpercore groups such as UTubeTrollPolice (UTTP) or Funwaa Cult (FC) are the slight exception to this rule. Respectively, UTTP uses an aesthetic heavily inspired by YTPMV videos (consult 2010s Internet or OtoMAD for more relevant information), while groups like FC were closer to the Funwaacore and Arabfunny aesthetics. Certain groups like TSUKI Project exploited the Cyberpunk aesthetic in order to promote a dangerous pseudo-religion/philosophy that consisted of dying in order to be transferred to an "anime Cyberpunk afterlife" inspired by Serial Experiments Lain, and that was a serious problem because they were misusing an aesthetic that appeals to a lot of teenagers in order to encourage them to take their own lives. Although unconfirmed, Politicalwave aesthetics are probably really influential in most groups.


The music associated with the Larpercore community is diverse and can vary from group to group. However, most songs used in the aesthetic tend to be at least edgy in some way or another. Groups like UTubeTrollPolice (UTTP) primarily use Eurobeat and an editing style that heavily resembles YTPMV videos (see OtoMAD and 2010s Internet), while certain extremist Larpercore groups influenced by Satanism or Occultism such as 764 and SickFuqNation (SFN) have been noted for their presence on platforms like SoundCloud[57], where they create "curated" playlists mostly made up by Edgy Electronic songs in order to "promote" their ideology or "brainwash" their victims. Another interesting aspect is how many users with ties to this online subculture will most likely recognize certain songs simply because they were featured in shock content/gore videos. The most well known example of this phenomenon has to be the song "Funkytown" by Lipps Inc., which used to be considered a staple of Disco culture, but nowadays most people associate it with a Mexican cartel video.

On individual platforms and social networking websites, the music taste of Larpercore users can also vary. In online games like ROBLOX, the most popular genres are Meme Rap (which corresponds to a subgenre of Hip-Hop based around rapping about whatever memey topics are trendy, mostly done with the intent of going viral and sometimes the songs can be disrespectful) and ROBLOX Bypassed Audios, which often include Phonk and/or its subgenres and Loud Rap. Incelcore music is also a popular choice among Larpercore users on 4chan or Discord, since the songs have extremely edgy lyrics and some of them have also disrespected deceased individuals. On social media sites like TikTok, the most popular genres are House Phonk and Hardstyle (mostly seen in remixes of pre-existing songs). Unsurprisingly, another genre that seems to have resonated with the Larpercore community has to be Patriotic Music as well as Balkan War Songs[58], which are frequently used in the edits. There also seems to be a direct pipeline between Larpercore and Trap Metal, Necrotrap or Horrorcore music, since some musical artists such as GOREJIT and rejectedreyna have made songs referencing topics like the SickFuqNation group and its infamous shock content videos, or the glorification of Middle Eastern terrorism.


Here's a list of related genres, ranked by prevalence:

  • Phonk
    • Aggressive Phonk
    • Russian Phonk
    • House Phonk
  • Meme Rap
  • Incelcore
  • Patriotic Music
    • War Songs
    • Military Marches
    • National Hymns
  • Hardstyle (mostly remixes, especially on TikTok)
  • Edgy EDM
  • Trap Metal
  • Eurobeat (mostly used by specific groups, such as UTTP)
  • ROBLOX Bypassed Audios (technically not a genre, but still really prevalent)


Note: While this list may seem "inconsistent" or way too mixed, this is simply a list of popular songs that have been frequently used on the aesthetic, and alternatively, way more obscure songs that are directly influenced by it.

Musical Artists[]

  • Agramane
  • Belowground
  • Bobby 2 Pistolz
  • Digbar
  • Doomshop
  • GXNER.
  • H4rtbrkr
  • Killtak
  • Kordhell
  • Mando Audio
  • Lil Darkie
  • Naxinet
  • OldPet
  • Playaphonk
  • PopKill
  • rejectedreyna
  • Yung Spinach Cumshot
  • †√∆ИƉ∆Ɫ



Video Games[]

  • Bullet Force
  • CS:GO
  • Call of Duty
  • Call of War
  • Crusader Kings III
  • DOOM Eternal
  • FIFA series
  • Fortnite
  • Foxhole
  • Garry's Mod
  • Girls Frontline
  • GoreBox
  • Grand Theft Auto
  • Hearts of Iron IV
    • Kaiserreich: Legacy of the Weltkrieg
    • The New Order: Last Days of Europe
  • POSTAL 2
    • Church
    • Rate My Avatar
    • Most Shooter/FPS/Military games
    • Most SCP-themed games
    • Most LGBT+ pride games (which get raided by the Larpercore community)
  • Saint's Row
  • Team Fortress 2
  • Touhou Project
  • Watch Dogs

Television and Film[]

  • American Psycho
  • Better Call Saul
  • Breaking Bad
  • Oppenheimer
  • The Joker

Anime and Manga[]

  • Azumanga Daioh
  • Berserk
  • Girls Und Panzer
  • Monster
  • Naruto
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion
  • Serial Experiments Lain
  • WataMote
  • Yotsuba&!


  • Friday Night Funkin' mods
    • Monday Morning Live Leakin'
    • Saturday Night Swattin'
    • Any mods that reenact real-life deaths or tragedies[59]
  • NationStates
  • Ongezellig
  • PixelPlanetFun
  • Polandball
    • Countryballs
    • Polcompball
  • SCP Foundation series
  • The Barney Bunch
  • TikTok Mapping (Accounts that post content relating to geopolitics)
  • 1984 by George Orwell
  • Any piece of media deemed "edgy" in general

Note: The content shown above is just a list of media prevalent within the groups, or otherwise heavily referenced in the aesthetic. People who simply enjoy any of these works aren't necessarily bad persons or part of the Larpercore community.


  • Anti Fandom Front
  • Anti Furry Lieutenant™
  • Anti Furry Republic
  • Anti-Furry Verbesserung
  • Anti Gacha Birliği [BMİ]
  • Anti Gacha Forces
  • Anti Weeb Organization
  • Cosmo Anti Gacha
  • Dr Craftmade
  • Foodistzen
  • GachaFall
  • Gachafall Community
  • George Floyd Gaming
  • Herr Waffenschein
  • ILL11/OfficerBMT/Jatastic
  • KY5
  • Naxinet
  • NutDestroyer420
  • Louie Meekin
  • Luna 36F
  • Peluchin Entertainment
  • Plagued Moth
  • Ronnie Mcnutt Gaming
  • Sherbase12
  • Shoebill Syndicacy
  • SILO-x
  • Some_PC_Addict
  • Steve from GachaFall
  • The Sewer Pig
  • Tommy Parky
  • UTTP Emperor Anime Sucks
  • UTTP High Command
  • YamiT17
  • .Vx


Edgier O-Grade Larpercore[]

This is the gallery for the Edgier O-Grade Larpercore style of images, which often use topics related to extortion, sigils, weaponry, occultism and Satanism, rather than the political extremism or Hacker culture that is prevalent in most Larpercore communities. They are respectively popular in extortion groups (often known as "extort coms") operating on platforms like Discord, Telegram and SoundCloud. Since some images have graphic elements like blood, viewer discretion is advised. Compare Cultcore, Terrorwave and Femcel Weeaboo.



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