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LARME magazine is a Japanese magazine founded in 2012 and described as a "sweet and cute girl's fashion picture book." by Haruna Nakagoori. The target audience was cultured young women from the ages of 18-25, who would read and go to museums. A unique feature of the magazine is its editing style, with multiple props and illustrations being used to decorate the pages.[1] The fashion magazine has a distinctly feminine style in both outfits and props that balances kawaii and sexy elements, with multiple vintage-inspired pieces and interesting textures.

The fashion style was codified as Larme Kei by Westerners during the mid-2010s who used the same applications of rules and guides that Japanese alternative style tribes (such as Lolita and Fairy Kei) used. This was through various blogs, specifically on Blogspot. Western readers would codify some styles based on the photo shoot themes based off of models, as well as some common motifs from the 2014 issues.

In Japan, it is instead referred to as "girly fashion" or by simply "LARME fashion." [2]However, it is not referring to a style tribe, wherein the clothes are seen as unusual or "out-there." Rather, Larme magazine and girly fashion in general is seen as common and trendy, without any set rules, color palettes, themes, etc. Continuing on the contrast with style tribes such as the other keis, wearers of girly fashion do not self-identify as "Larme Kei." The magazine itself also changes its look constantly, so there is not really a definitive style.[3]

As the magazine is varied in its aesthetic (as long as it fits into the feminine umbrella), this article will describe the Western perspective of Larme Kei, which treated it as a style tribe.


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