Aesthetics Wiki

Laborwave is a derivative of Vaporwave that is less subtle about its critiques of capitalism and take advantage of this aspect of Vaporwave to promote a communist or socialist agenda. Laborwave creators (much like Fashwave creators) will often confuse Synthwave aesthetics and Vaporwave aesthetics, which generally leads to both mixing and matching the two aesthetics without really understanding the differences between Synthwave and Vaporwave. Various socialist tendencies depict opposing ideologies and leaders in Laborwave, with the dominant ideology in the community being Marxism-Leninism since it is less prevalent in the libertarian socialist and anarchist communities (who will typically just get into Vaporwave). It should be noted that Laborwave has absolutely no connection to Sovietwave whatsoever, which is mainly a nostalgic look at Soviet-era Russia but otherwise has no political leanings either way.


When it comes to Laborwave visuals, there tend to be different variations of Laborwave; some have a focus on popular Communist figures like Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin, Chairman Mao, Fidel Castro, Kim Jong Un, and Joseph Stalin. Some also pick the particular aesthetics often associated with a Marxist-Leninist country (the Soviet Union and Communist China being particularly popular), and some will focus on modern-day communist activism (Antifa and Nazi-Punching).

There are also other smaller online communities, such as internet anarchists who embrace syndicalist aesthetics, and communists who depict thought leaders such as Bordiga. However, the bulk of Laborwave types tend to lean heavily into the territory of the "tankie" (a member of a communist group or a sympathizer who believes fully in the political system of the Soviet Union and defends/defended the actions of the Soviet Union and other accredited states like China, Serbia, et cetera, even in cases where other communists criticize their policies or actions).


Laborwave fashion may take some style cues from Vaporwave, but since so little actual Laborwave fashion exists, Laborwave fashion borrows heavily from Communist Chic, based in famous communist iconography. Expect a lot of Laborwavers to wear shirts with Che Guevara, the hammer-and-sickle, and other examples of communist iconography, but outside of that, they're generally not the type to indulge in fashion whatsoever, since they don't typical indulge in things like that.


Much like Fashwave with the music of Synthwave, Laborwave music definitely leans into the Vaporwave area, as it tends to be just a slowed-down version of popular music from the Soviet Union and Communist China that somehow manages to make the instruments sound like popular vaporwave staples. However, unlike Vaporwave (which will often take samples from these songs and will create brand new works based off of those samples), Laborwave isn't really transformative with its music (which is part of the reason this is a completely separate aesthetic to Vaporwave). As expected, however, there is a lot of hostility between members of the Laborwave and Fashwave communities which is merely an extension of the overall progressive left/alt-right war that exists both online and off.