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Long Island-core is an aesthetic based on the architecture of Long island, it's attitude, and nautical history. Themes of childhood, nature, and the beach are commonplace, due to many leaving for the big city. Long Island-core died out early in the early 2010's when the internet became less localized. It draws from Americana the most whether purposefully or not. How ever it mixed with rich local culture to create its own unique spin on the Americana trope.


Nassau-Eastern Queens (West),

The more urban inspired side also draws from the NYC aesthetic and there is major overlap between, A focal point of this sub-aesthetic is Jones Beach. "You can't call yourself a Long Islander and not go to Jones Beach" Mathew Cardona; professional wrestler/youtuber.

Suffolk (East)

Montauk is to Suffolk as to what Jones Beach is to Nassau, however it takes on more of a New England-Americana vibe as it moves further from the city.


Its contributions to the East coast-West coast rivalry, music, and social justice is probably its greatest feat. Artists such as


Public Enemy



Public Enemy

A Tribe Called Quest

and many more, they were all born or formed in Nassau County (except which formed at Adelphi University, however all members Public Enemy were born in Nassau), the influences on each other were obvious with aggressive fast paced beats and hard hitting political lyrics due to the state of some LI neighborhoods at the time. This is also a great example of the LI divides


Often times LI Punk/Pop-Punk is influenced by Emo, Indie rock, and alt rock. LI bands usually tend to have humble beginnings Taking Back Sunday was formed in basement in Merrick

Taking Back Sunday

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Brand New Wheatus

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