Kyle is depicted as a person who is an aggressive white (teenage) male who drinks unhealthy quantities of Monster Energy Drinks, uses too much Axe body spray and punches holes into drywall when angry.


According to Know Your Meme, the earliest documented proof of a Kyle is Nick Colleti's "White Kid Fight" Vine. On April 18th, 2019, Twitter user @vinnybrack posted a "Nobody:" joke about "kids named Kyle," showing a shirtless white boy with a collection of Monster Energy drinks and a hole punched into drywall. The tweet amassed over 29,000 retweets and 128,000 likes, and on May 27th, 2019, YouTuber Trevor Wallace posted a video in which he performed the exaggerated "Kyle" character, gaining over a million views.


The fashion of the Kyle looks very similar to that of the Brocore aesthetic follower; lots of cargo shorts or pants, jorts, workout clothes, camo, baseball caps and t-shirts or hoodies emblazoned with the Monster Energy Drink logo. But while the Bro generally just wants to hang out, have a few drinks, and watch the game, the Kyle has a tendency to get super aggressive at the drop of a hat. In many ways, the Kyle is to Brocore what the Karen is to the Baddie; a desperate attempt to disguise their insecurity as confidence.


  • Chugging down more Monster Energy than is probably considered safe by the FDA
  • Buttchugging alcohol
  • Punching walls
  • Getting married to a Karen
  • Pulling insane stunts to try and impress people.
  • Going to the gym and working on trying to get swole (even though they may not have the genetics for it)
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