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Kuromicore is an aesthetic from a show called "Onegai My Melody", Kuromi is a mascot designed by the company Sanrio Co. Ltd (株式会社サンリオ). Sanrio Co. Ltd was made by Shintaro Tsuji, the shop sells Kawaii Japanese merchandise. This is heavily tied to Sanriocore.


  • Pointy pink, purple, or black acrylic nails
  • Belt with a chain
  • Large hoodies/shirts with Kuromi motifs
  • black or pink skirts/shorts/pants
  • band-aids with Kuromi motifs
  • barrettes, Hair Ribbons
  • Kuromi and Sanrio merch (eg. backpacks, toys and keyrings)
  • Mary janes, chunky boots, chunky sneakers or oxfords
  • fishnets
  • thigh high socks
  • Makeup: Blush, Eyeliner, pink or black eyeshadow with fake eyelashes, Pink lipstick, blended in lipstick, or the top of the lip black, fake bI00d