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Kuromicore is a dark feminine aesthetic based on the character Kuromi, who is a white rabbit wearing a devil-inspired attire, by the company Sanrio. In Japan, hardcore fans of the character are also refered to as Kuromiota (クロミオタク).

Kuromicore's origins in the dark alternative Jfashion scene have made it a staple in fashion styles such as Yami Kawaii, Dark Girly and Jirai Kei. In the west, it has a strong connection in aesthetics such as E-girl, Pastel Goth, Dark Babygirl, and general dark styles in touch with Japanese aesthetics and trends. It is also paired heavily with Melodycore, its opposite twin aesthetic based on Kuromi's rival My Melody.


  • Kuromi plushies and paraphanalia
  • Black/Pink/Purple color palette
  • Check patterns
  • Skull bows
  • Devil tails
  • Chains



Kuromiota Fashion

Clothes in kuromicore vary heavily with the core trait of them having a black, pink, and pastel purple color palette with kuromi motifs. Western kuromicore may follow one or multiple alt fashion styles, usually following those in the Pastel Goth, 2020 Alt, and E-Girl umbrellas. Chokers, belts, harnesses, corsets may be decorated with chains and studs. Platform boots and shoes are paired with striped/fishnet tights or thigh-high stockings. In J-fashion circles, Kuromicore fashion may be more in line with Dark Girly and Goth-Punk attire in addition to western alt styles. In terms of accessories, face stickers, piercings, pointy decorated nails, kuromi-ear headbands, and devil tails are popular.

In the west, Kuromicore makeup follows trends popularized on online alternative circles that may be similar to E-Girl makeup. Eyes are decorated with black, hot pink, or purple eyeshadow with winged eyeliner and false lashes. Similarly to Jirai Kei, some wearers may try to make their eyes appear sickly or teary-eyed with reddened coloring, parallelling the "sickly byojaku" eye makeup trend in Japan. This eye makeup is done in combination with horizontal blush and dark lipstick. Eastern kuromicore makeup instead favors a "cutesy yet sickly" aura. Japanese accounts on tiktok and instagram tend to follow a similar pattern of dark, reddened eyes and desaturated foundation, but with less pronounced lashes, downturned eyeliner, pronounced "baby-eye fat" (涙袋), and black circle lens contacts to make the iris appear larger.


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