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Reason for Warning: This article contains mentions of controversies surrounding stalking and grooming. If this sort of content makes you uncomfortable, skip the Criticism section.

Krushclub (stylized as KRUSHCLUB!) is an underground musical microgenre that fuses elements of EDM, HexD and Jersey Club, and also incorporates influence from House, Techno, Bit-Pop and Electro-Pop. The music is characterized by its energetic and upbeat rhythm, as well as the bit-crushed synthetizers and basses present in the songs' production. This musical genre is usually accompanied by black and white aesthetic imagery somewhat reminiscent of the Y2K Futurism, Frutiger Aero, and Old Web eras, particularly through elements like Low Poly visuals, pixelated imagery, lights, hearts, scanline filters, etc.


Some visuals commonly seen in Krushclub include:

  • Pixelated imagery
  • Stars or hearts
  • Butterflies
  • Photos of women, 3D characters from video games in the Y2K Futurism era or anime characters
  • White lights and bloom filters
  • Monochrome imagery
  • Low Poly models
  • Scanline filters
  • Black vignette around the edges


Musical Artists[]

  • Lumi Athena
  • Odetari
  • 6arelyhuman
  • cade clair
  • removeface
  • jnhygs
  • 0 「.exe」
  • Kanii
  • 9lives
  • prodkaz
  • kylanonline
  • iluvern!
  • Marluxiam
  • Nuvfr
  • RaiLovesU
  • Splats
  • h!tex
  • JesusLuvsShadow!
  • Sxptmbrr
  • Roddry2007
  • asteria
  • D3r
  • Kets4eki
  • ZØMB
  • pink luu
  • jaspxrr
  • K3NTA!
  • alt!
  • cW
  • RomeoSmiles





The Krushclub community is a relatively small musical scene made up by a small amount of musical artists. Despite its great popularity among TikTok's Gen Z userbase, it has faced some controversies in recent times.

Stalking allegations (Lumi Athena)[]

The musical artist Lumi Athena, widely considered the creator of Krushclub, was accused of stalking a 13 year old girl called "Athena" when he was 15 years old[1], although supposedly, these allegations have been debunked[2]. However, it still sparked a lot of controversy within the community. People have also claimed that the name "Lumi Athena" is a word play translating to "Love Me, Athena"[3].

Despite attempts to debunk many allegations, it has been confirmed that Lumi Athena had internal fighting & other problems with members of the Krushclub community, particularly with removeface.

Grooming allegations (jnhygs)[]

The musical artist jnhygs was also accused of grooming someone[4]. However, there's no direct existent proof surrounding these allegations and is thought to be a TikTok rumor.

Racism allegations (Odetari)[]

There was also a small attempt to cancel the musical artist Odetari over supposedly "fetishizing" Latin-American women, particularly due to one of his songs being called "I <3 LATINAS". Another attempt to cancel Odetari occured when misheard lyrics containing a slur were found on one of his songs on Spotify, which wasn't Odetari's fault but rather the fault of either an AI or a person attempting to write the lyrics. These incidents have led to people trying to cancel him over being "racist".