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Kogal (also known as Kogyaru) is one of the many substyles of Gyaru fashion. This style revolves around younger girls and usually young girls in highschool. It is also the originator of several modern gyaru styles.

It is one of the most popular substyles of Gyaru, and as well as being a fashion style,it became a cultural movement within Japanese youth.


The style itself is based around Japanese school uniforms. Any type of school uniform is fine, although most uniforms tend to have checkered skirts, bows around the neck and sweaters. Sailor fuku (Sailor uniforms) are also very popular.

Whilst most Kogals wear their actual uniforms, kogyaru also popularised the use of 'Nannchatte Seifuku' (fake school uniforms).

Kogals add a twist to their uniform, in order to make it appear sexier and cuter.They shorten their skirts, wear legwarmers or loose socks and sometimes even add bows or ties to their uniform, even when they aren't apart of their uniform.

Some kogals also buy extra uniforms from different schools and wear them after school, and although it is rarer, older kogals who are out of school buy uniforms to wear.

The style is also characterized by dyed hair, and with older girls, tanned skin. Tanned skin has become less common in kogal, however, as tanning itself has become less popular among gyarus.

Kogals often dyed their hair blondes, reds and light shades of browns, although sometimes colours such as pink and blues could be added.


Kogal-go was a type of speech that Kogals created, although it is commonly also used within Gyaru too.

These words were often a mix of English and Japanese.

Some examples are:

Choberiba - very bad (cho = very)

Ageman - a man who brings luck to women (age = up)


Aiura from the disastrous life of Saiki K's heavily decorated crystal ball

Decoden is a very popular activity within all of Gyaru, but Kogals are most known for it and deco almost everything. Whether it be using resin pieces, stickers, pearls, cabochons, bows, studs, whipped cream glue and more.

Although almost everything can be decorated, commonly decorated objects are phone cases, ipods, consoles, mirrors, lighter, hairbrushes, laptop cases and trinket boxes.


These brands are all very popular within Gyaru styles as a whole, however many Kogals also particularly liked these:


Louis Vuitton

Liz Lisa

Ank Rouge

Alba Rosa

Cecil McBee






Super Gals!

My first girlfriend is a gal

Please tell me! Galko-chan


Yuzu Aihara -Citrus

Mei Yasumura -OHSHC (Manga)

Junko - Danganronpa