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The King Gas aesthetic circles around North American culture and the frequent industrial usage of oil and gas, as well as the communities and jobs tied to this particular sector of work. This aesthetic also heavily uses the themes of patriotism, pollution, and poverty in order to give it a realistic feel similar to what many industrial communities in the United States and Canada feel on a daily basis.


This aesthetic has existed ever since the George W. Bush era of the United States, where oil became a huge part of his economic policy, as he encouraged more fracking and oil excavation, reducing regulations in spite of what critics feared caused climate change, as well as the idea that many believe that he invaded Iraq and Afghanistan in exchange for more oil, as well as gas fracked all over the United States which became the biggest source of energy in the United States as coal began to wane and fall behind due to running costs and regulations over emissions. As a result, many communities began to orientate themselves around this new source of energy.




Oftentimes, music that often goes towards this genre is often patriotic, country music that focuses on the themes of patriotism and love for the country, or seen as being patriotic towards the country even if it isn't, such as: