Karasu no Bara is an aesthetic that translates to ‘raven rose’ in Japanese. The aesthetic mainly revolves around the feeling of being lost or trapped in the world, feeling tired and dull constantly, a general sense of hopelessness and wanting to feel apathy because too many thoughts and feelings have occurred. There is however a more optimistic side, combining self-care and cuteness into one. It is both pessimistic and optimistic. The creator of this aesthetic is also known as ~bloodandpetals~ on Pinterest. She wanted to channel all her negativity into something she liked, which reflected her desire to further understand her mind. This aesthetic is a form of healing, and trying to find one's own self and come to terms of who they really are. If you like the colours, however, then that's cute too. Anyone can join ☆゚・*:.。.☆†_(゚▽゚*)β☆.。.:*・゚☆


Taking on a blend of goth, baddie and pastel/pink cuteness, it reflects two split personalities and feeling pulled between both, one cute and peppy, one dark and pessimistic. It also consists of self-care mottos and cute designs. It also conveys a sense of balance and an appreciation for both happy and sad things. There are two sides to this aesthetic; a darker, lost sense(which is more grunge), and a lighter side with pastels, cute styles and a more happy, peaceful sense(more yume kawaii/happy/balanced).


The clothing style of Karasu No Bara is mostly vague, with elements of pink, black, white and cute motifs, with sayings like 'i am not who i seem to be’. Pleated skirts, chokers and colorful socks are worn, with cute hairstyles and accessories.

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