Juicecore is an aesthetic that draws upon the act of juicing fruits (ie. juicy and tangy fruits), vegetables and the occasional meat. Influence is taken from the cathartic act of obliterating an solid into a liquid, the usually tasty product that is formed afterwards, and the health benefits that juices often have (though the lack of fiber juice provides is something to be taken into account). It could be seen as something of a "cleaner" version of the Fruitcrush aesthetic.

Adherents of juicecore or 'juicy boys/juicy girls' spend a great deal of time perfecting their juicing techniques, to ensure that the finest possible juices are made. Loss of nutrients, distasteful flavours cropping up, and the prevention of bodily liquids coming in for a purer juice all have to be considered. Due to their extreme efforts, juicers take the name 'juicy boy' as a label to be proud of, and will often go by 'juicy boy' in public to flex their superior juicing skills.


  • Large forearms because of hand juicing
  • Pulp scattered around due to immense levels of juicing
  • Healthy complexions due to proper intake of vitamins


Juicecore playlist by bootlegamnesiac


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