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Jojifuku (女児服), which translates to "girl's clothing", is a Japanese Yume Kawaii fashion that revolves around adults wearing nostalgic children’s clothing brands featured in Shoujo[1] magazines such as Nakayoshi and Ciao. Due to the sheer prevalence of the typical clothing within the Heisei era, it is also considered part of the Heisei Retro aesthetic as well as having evolved from Fairy Kei.

The male equivalent based on the clothes featured in shonen magazines would be called Danjifuku (男児服).


During the early 2000s, there was a boom in children's clothing brands collaborating with Shoujo magazines in Japan. Despite cathering to an audience that quickly grows out of their clothes, the price range was often way beyond 10.000yen (~100USD) and not many parents could afford those clothes. Eventually those children would grow into adults still longing for the designs of the Shoujo magazines, and some of those brands would start cathering to them with expanding their size range to also fit adult Japanese women.


  • Chibi animals
  • Glitter
  • Shoujo manga
  • Stickers
  • Randoseru
  • Uwabaki



Little Girls Makeup by Hikari Shiina【with English Sub】|-大人なのに女児服着てるメイク【椎名ひかり】

Jojifuku makeup tutorial by Pikarin

As the name suggests, the fashion mainly consists out of outfits as you would see them in Shoujo magazines aimed at girls. The color palette is often very similar to Yume Kawaii but also has bright accents that give a pop impression. There are many prints of nostalgic magical girl anime such as Sailor Moon and Pretty Cure.



  • Agnes Digital (Uma Musume)
  • Misogi (Princess Connect!)
  • Morino Amane (Yumemiru Angel Blue)
  • Ootori Emu (Project SEKAI COLORFUL STAGE!)
  • Natsukawa Nina (Cinderella Collection)
  • Berri Chan (Mezzo Piano)
  • Ichihara Nina (THE iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls Starlight Stage)
  • Yokoyama Chika (THE iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls Starlight Stage)
  • Suzumura Sango (Tropical-Rouge! Pretty Cure)


  • Nakayoshi
  • Ribon
  • Ciao


With the recent spread of Japanese fashion to the west, Jojifuku has become a controversial topic online. Despite the style on its own being harmless, there has been a strong association with ageplay fetish content due to the Japanese hashtag for the style being popularized by an AV studio that also posts sfw content for promotion.[2] Therefore, some people consider it a misuse of children's clothing.


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  1. Shōjo manga is an editorial category of Japanese comics targeting an audience of adolescent females and young adult women.
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