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The Jersey Shore subculture first started rising in prominence around the mid-to-late 2000's and eventually fell out of style in the early 2010's that was centered around the stereotyped perception of Italian-Americans from around the New York/New Jersey metropolitan area. Its meteoric rise and nightmarish fall coincide with the smash hit MTV reality TV show Jersey Shore. Fortunately, for the vast majority of people, the Jersey Shore aesthetic has retreated back to the New York/New Jersey area since when Jersey Shore announced it was ending, most people were quite happy with this news, and the Jersey Shore reunion has not inspired any sort of revival. It was always associated with working-class urban Italian-Americans with a tendency to try and be as macho as possible. While the term itself dates back to the 1970s to 1980s (where that era Jersey Shore aesthetic may actually play a role in some of the aesthetics involved in Synthwave), the modern Jersey Shore that is often associated with the Jersey Shore tag didn't come into style until the mid-to-late 2000s; starting off as an internet meme before MTV decided to unleash it onto the world with Jersey Shore.


The Jersey Shore visual aesthetic typically depicts lots of beaches (from New Jersey), shore houses, night clubs, and people tanned up and ready to go. There's also a lot of Italian flags used in Jersey Shore visual aesthetics, due to the high percentage of individuals either of Italian descent or claiming Italian descent (despite not having an ounce of Italian ancestry). Despite this little quirk in the aesthetic, there are very few actual full-blooded Italians who are affiliated with the Jersey Shore aesthetic.


Jersey Shore fashion is typical of what you'd see on MTV's Jersey Shore: lots of Ed Hardy and Affliction, rosaries (hilarious given how debaucherous and Hedonistic they can be), bling often associated with the high roller lifestyle, and expensive Italian brands. The Jersey Shore aesthetic is largely centered around "fake it 'til you make it" and the Jersey Shore woman's fashion could cross over into Baddie territory (and could be seen as the launching point for the Baddie fashion style as a whole) but also shares with the general rule of thumb for their male counterparts. You can also expect a lot of skintight t-shirts and tanktops adorned with the Italian flag in a show of Italian pride (although, ironically, most individuals who adhere to the Jersey Shore aesthetic aren't even full-blooded or even remotely Italian; it doesn't matter how much you fake it, that is one goal that you will never make because you cannot change your ethnicity).

One of the most noteworthy (and constantly meme'd) hairstyles of the Jersey Shore aesthetic is the "blow-out" (famously worn by DJ Pauly D of Jersey Shore fame) where they spend hours combing and gelling their hair until it looks like something out of an anime (Dragon Ball Z is a popular comparison). Otherwise, the hairstyles tend to be buzzed and styled in a very short way. Jersey Shore women have a tendency to really cake on the make-up and wear hair extensions, although another popular hairstyle among the Women is the "poof" (popularized by Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi) where they style their hair in a way that could give the illusion of being taller than they really are. One thing the people on the Jersey Shore loooooooove to do is tan. They will burn their skin to a crisp or use bucketloads of fake tanner to give the appearance of constantly being out and about on the go, despite the fact they usually spend their time indoors either tanning, working out, styling their hair, caking on make-up, going to the laundromat to have their clothes dropped of for the next day, or going out to the clubs to pick up women. As mentioned previously, there are a lot of Jersey Shore people who spend a lot of time in the gym and, as a result, anabolic steroid and HGH usage is very popular among the men to enhance their muscular appearance.


Interestingly, the Jersey Shore aesthetic even has its own seeming language with terminology that one would have to have at least a 5-hour dissertation to begin to understand... but I'll do my best to break it down for you so you can keep that time for more productive things.

  • Battle/Battling: This is when people are out on the dance floor and dancing aggressively with one another. It is speculated that this is either an attempt to try and impress women at the club or could be an homage to the war dances of our ancient ancestors.
  • Chicken Cutlet: A bust enhancer that sometimes women pursing a man will stick into their bras to give the illusion of having larger breasts than they actually do.
  • Cooka/Kooka: A slang term for vagina.
  • Creep Mode: As the name implies, this is when mens go out in search of a woman to bring back for some nighttime activities.
  • Done: When a woman is in the middle of a fight with her boyfriend, she will often say this when she's tired of fighting. These relationships have a nasty habit of being incredibly toxic; even those not involved in the relationship itself. Research is being done into this relationship as a potential green fuel source.
  • D.T.F.: Standing for "Down to Fuck", this is how an individual determines if a potential partner for the night is willing to go back and have a tryst with them. Other terms associated with this include "Getting it in", "pound on", and "smash" (past tense: smush).
  • Fist-Pumping: A popular dance on the Jersey Shore, it is a dance anybody can do; all one has to do is make a fist, hold it in the air, and pump it in any direction in beat with the music one is currently listening to.
  • Grenade: A grenade is a disparaging term given to women who aren't quite up to snuff for the tastes of the Jersey Shore man. The male variation for the women is known as the "Grenade Grundle Chode".
  • Gorilla Juicehead: Also known as "Gorilla" for short, a Gorilla Juicehead is an incredibly muscular, good-looking man that tends to be the favorite physical type of Jeresy Shore women. The "juicehead" is thrown in because usually, these men are on some form of anabolic steroid or human growth hormone.
  • Robbery: Have you ever talked to a girl (or boy), step away for a moment to do something important like go to the bathroom, and come back to see somebody come along and they've taken the person's attention? Congratulations, you just fell victim to the robbery.
  • Sloppy: When somebody is so intoxicated that they can barely stand straight, they are considered sloppy.


The most popular style of music within the Jersey Shore aesthetic is, undoubtedly, House music or any sort of music you'd hear blasting at a night club late into the night.

Spotify playlists[]

Other famous local musicians from the Jersey Shore area include Bruce Springsteen and Bon Jovi.


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  1. Those who participate in the Jersey Shore subculture are often nicknamed slurs that target Italian-American people, which won't be listed on this page to keep it civil.