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Internet Academia is an aesthetic based around learning through the internet. It is also based off Chaotic Academia, Art Academia, and Dark Academia. Internet Academia mostly started with the COVID-19 pandemic, causing students all around the world to stay at home and study/work from there. Despite this, Internet Academia can also refer to using the internet for studies and in classes pre-pandemic. This can involve doing research, making presentations, writing papers, and using e-books.


Internet Academia is related to images of study places, sketches and art, books, and internet things. This can include academic websites and apps, memes, social media, and online books.


  • Casual clothes
  • Basic clothes
  • Clothes that look dirty
  • Pajamas


Some Internet Academia activities include:

  • Studying
  • Using online resources for studying
  • Listening to podcasts
  • Reading books
  • Making art
  • Using your phone in class
  • Taking notes in Google Docs and putting those notes in Google Slides
  • Having plants in your house
  • Watching movies, specifically on Netflix and Disney+
  • Writing stories
  • Playing video games
  • Not paying attention to your class Zoom
  • Being forced to turn on your camera and mic for the Zoom



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