This is an index page that lists aesthetics based on locations, with the other aspects being associated images or necessities in living or visiting that location. This includes biomes, buildings, and urban development. Note that this does not include all aesthetics, as many do not have an identity tied to a specific place. Some aesthetics can have multiple locations, and can apply as long as it does not fit more than two categories here.

For an index based on countries and regions within them, see Index of Nation-Based Aesthetics.


Fields and Forests

Oceans and Islands

Restaurants, Cafes, and Bakeries

Schools, Bookstores, and Libraries




This describes cities with skyscrapers, densely packed buildings, and modernity or futurism. Cities that do not resemble this, such as Paris and Beverly Hills, can be found on the Index of Nation-Based Aesthetics.

Vacation and Amusement Spaces

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