Illuminouscore is an aesthetic based purely off of light. Clothes are usually white, beige, neon, and light anything. Hair is usually dyed white or blonde. They flourish in the sun and bright light. Iluminouscore is similar to Light Academia and Luminism.

A road surrounded by blue illuminous lights at night time

This image shows a picture most Illuminouscore people would like


Illuminouscore is based off of bright things. You'd usually see people under the Illuminouscore aesthetic in bright things with bright make-up. They usually have Light Up/Glow in the Dark Backpacks, Shoes, Nails, etc.


  • Bright, Vibrant colors
  • Pastels
  • Glowing in the dark nails, makeup, backpacks, shoes, etc
  • Rhinstones
  • Things that can reflect light from the sun like crystals
  • Gemmed pants
  • Baggy vibrant shirt
  • Bright Headbands
  • Tennis Shoes
  • Bright Combat boots
  • Light Hair
  • Light Brown Freckles

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