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Icepunk, also called Icecore, is an aesthetic revolving around frozen, snowed-over and icy places which give an eerie and otherworldly feel.

It shares elements with Cleancore, as the colours are similar (Icepunk being less bright and more misty) and frozen places typically have a smooth and sanitized feel to them.

Icepunk is essentially the antithesis of seapunk and seems to have a bit of a rivalry with the microgenre. It's been described as "Seapunk in an ice age". It's said the term originated with rapper Drrty Pharms in an interview with Mishka:

Icepunk, like seapunk, is more of a meme than it is a genre. I released the first ever icepunk song in October of 2011, entitled ◮◮◮Ice◮Queen◮◮◮. I wanted to mimic the numb, uncomfortable feeling of being cold….After the creation of seapunk, [Facebook groups] were flooded with posts proclaiming the death of witch house, posts antagonizing the seapunks and people claiming to have created the next meme genre. Most of the members of these groups felt excluded by seapunk, as best expressed by that image macro of a dolphin with the caption “you can’t sit with us”. I took it upon myself to become the messiah for those left behind by seapunk, creating my own Facebook group called i¢spunk, which featured a lengthy, ‘troll-statement’ explaining how icepunk was going to be the next big thing…



Ghost Burqas - Virgin Myth ( ***ICEPUNK 2*** )

In many ways, Icepunk music is very similar to seapunk in terms of content, but the music evokes more of a wintery vibe, like you're stranded in the middle of a blizzard and you're drunk and high as hell, and it tends to have more of an early-to-mid 90's R&B vibe compared to the more house influences of seapunk. Artists within the genre include:

Spotify Playlists[]


  • Dream Sweet In Sea Major by Miracle Musical
  • Introduction To The Snow by Miracle Musical


Much like its contemporary, Seapunk, Icepunk takes a lot of inspiration from 90's raver fashion but implements shiny and holographic clothing as well as more wintery clothing to evoke that icy, cold aesthetic that is so closely associated with Icepunk, so there is definitely a lot of the Holosexual aesthetic that crosses over into Icepunk.


Icepunk art evokes a cold, wintery vibe, utilizing lots of blues, cyans, purples, whites, and other monochromatic colors, but other than that shares a lot in common with seapunk.