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Hyperpop is a genre of music that combines both EDM and traditional pop. The genre puts an extreme emphasis on cuteness, femininity and intoxication. This is achieved by extreme pitching and warping of both the bass and rhythm, as well as upbeat, bubbly synths. The genre stems mainly from club and nightcore, and consists of high levels of surrealism and confusion.


The genre of hyperpop was born out of EDM and traditional pop, and has influences from electroclash and witch house. Other genres of music that are incorporated into hyperpop include dubstep, chiptune and cloud rap. It is also seen as similar to nu-rave. Another heavy influence on the genre is electroclash, which is a very similar genre which died out in the 2000s.

In 2019, Spotify listed an official hyperpop playlist, which further publicised the genre. This playlist consisted of 100 gecs, Slayyyter, Gupi, Caroline Polachek, Hannah Diamond, and Kim Petras.

The genre gained additional popularity on TikTok during the early 2020s, with a notable example including the song 'SugarCrash!'.[1][2]


For most Hyperpop art the layout is extremely crowded (an exception would be 100gecs' 1000gecs album). It is a combination of diverse art styles, so we will be sticking with some of the common themes. Hyperpop is mainly charactized by themes of embracing the aesthetics of advertising, consumerism, and corporate branding. Most of the images, especially cover art from songs produced and sung by individuals who are women have heavy inspiration from other aesthetics such as McBling/Baddie, Y2K Futurism, and Slimepunk to a lesser extent. Its artists often present devised personas inspired by cyberculture.


Hyperpop fashion is akin to Y2K Futurism and McBling/Baddie, with wilder elements such as vibrant makeup with sparkles, extremely long lashes and glittery, shiny and/or glossy clothing. Long or well-kept hair is seen as a key element to expressing yourself. Dyed hair is also common, as well as long acrylic nails. Bright colors are also key.


Musical Artists[]

  • 100 gecs
  • 8485
  • Alice Gas
  • Alice Longyu Gao
  • Ayesha Erotica
  • Boy Slim
  • Chase Icon
  • CoryNash
  • Cosmicosmo
  • Danny L Harle
  • DJ Re:Code
  • d0llywood1
  • Dorian Electra
  • Els Cundits
  • ElyOtto
  • Food house
  • Fraxiom
  • Glitch Gum
  • HANA
  • Hannah Diamond
  • Himera
  • Kero Kero Bonito
  • Kyunchi
  • quinn
  • Rebzyyx
  • SEBii
  • Sewerslvt
  • Slayyyter
  • Syko
  • That Kid
  • torr
  • Unicole Unicron
  • whitetrash
  • aespa
  • aldn
  • blackwinterwells
  • boysnightsout
  • ericdoa
  • glaive
  • i9bonsai
  • midwxst
  • Namasenda
  • oaf1
  • underscores
  • kurtains
  • trustt

Notable Record Labels[]

PC Music[]

PC Music is a British record label founded in June 2013 by producer A. G. Cook. The label is known for its surreal or exaggerated take on pop music, creating more of an experimental and electronic pop sound. The label has inspired both praise and criticism from journalists, and has been called "polarizing".


  • Syko - #BrooklynBloodPop!
  • Pathetic - Dreamcore
  • Madonna - Back That Up To The Beat
  • Rebzyyx - all i want is you
  • blackwinterwells - facade
  • Namasenda - Donuts



Scenecore is a subgenre of Hyperpop music that draws inspiration from the Scene subculture and Nightcore. Scenecore became popular in social media in the early 2020s as a modern take and revival of Scene culture, which is a period known as the "Rawring Twenties", referring to the Scene slang term of rawr. Fashion styles like 2020 Alt are the most prominent inside the Scenecore community, and the visuals often incorporate elements of Glitchcore, Mind Murder and Animecore.

Scenecore songs are usually pitched up and use "nostalgic" melodies, along with samples relating to popular video games and anime shows. Scenecore could also be considered remarkably edgier than typical Scene songs, because in fact a lot of songs focus on things like gore, drugs and the unknown.

However, Scenecore is a relatively new phenomenon and its style and influence is still evolving. For example, in mid-2023, many Scenecore musical artists started sampling old Pop and Eurodance songs from the 2000s. Other musical genres that are adjacent to this subgenre are Krushclub and Sigilkore, sometimes getting mixed up with Scenecore.

Some notable Scenecore musical artists include:

  • 6arelyhuman
  • KidSnorlax
  • Rebzyyx
  • SyKo
  • Vampyx
  • d3r
  • horrormovies
  • hoshie star
  • kets4eki (Scenecore mixed with Disco Polo)
  • osquinn/p4rkr
  • punkinloveee
  • wujek (Scenecore mixed with Disco Polo)
  • 03osc
  • Femtanyl
  • Salv The Dog
  • Mailpup


  • i deserve this by Rebzyyx ft. Selfress Homage
  • song *bye cruel world cypher* by 03osc
  • so 0bscene by Punkinloveee
  • ecstasy by SUICIDAL-IDOL
  • all I want is you by Rebzyyx
  • jealousy is a bitch. i hate her by p4rkr
  • ✞︎Bloodycorpsemassacre✞︎ by Vampyx
  • party addict by kets4eki
  • LOST MY DS STYLUS by KidSnorlax
  • Hands Up! by 6arelyhuman
  • brooklynbloodpop! by Syko
  • Kiss Me by Vampyx
  • XoXo Kisses Hugs by 6arelyhuman
  • Toxic by d3r
  • knife play by d3r
  • P3t by Femtanyl
  • Katamari by Femtanyl
  • Girl Hell 1999 by Femtanyl
  • Puppyplay! by Mailpup (ft. Femtanyl and Salv The Dog)


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