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Hyperpop is a genre of music that combines both EDM and traditional pop. The genre puts an extreme emphasis on cuteness, femininity and intoxication. This is achieved by extreme pitching and warping of both the bass and rhythm, as well as upbeat, bubbly synths. The genre stems mainly from club and nightcore, and consists of high levels of surrealism and confusion.


For most Hyperpop art the layout is extremely crowded (an exception would be 100gecs' 1000gecs album). It is a combination of diverse art styles, so I will be sticking with some of the common themes. Most of the images, esepecially cover art from songs produced and sung by individuals who are female have heavy inspiration from other aesthetics such as Baddie, Y2K, and Slimepunk to a lesser extent.



Hyperpop fashion is akin to Y2K Baddie (see Baddie), with wilder element such as vibrant makeup with sparkles, extremely long lashes and glittery, shiny or glossy clothing. Long or well kept hair is seen a key to express your femininity and dyed hair is common, as well as long arcrylic nails. Bright colors are key! Examples below.


  • 100gecs
  • Talking head
  • underscores
  • Charli XCX
  • Grimes
  • Kero Kero Bonito
  • Pc music andTune
  • Shawn Wasabi
  • Cosmicosmo
  • Glow Wurm
  • Machine Girl
  • Alice Longyu Gao
  • Hannah Diamond
  • Slayyyter
  • TikTok Daniel
  • Danny L Harle
  • LARS
  • Dorian Electra
  • The duo of trust and unity
  • HANA
  • LIZ
  • Serena Smith
  • Boo From MArio
  • ElyOtto
  • Ayesha Erotica
  • That Kid
  • Simple Simon
  • The raving gang
  • Nipa
  • Yammy
  • Turtles and cats
  • the kangaroooo
  • Tusher
  • Toffan

...and many more! feel free to explore the links!

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