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Hypebeasts (or Hype Beasts) are a youth subculture of usually male teenagers who collect limited-edition streetwear labels like Supreme, Palace, BAPE, Off-White and Yeezy. The clothes they buy are not defined really by their price, but mainly by their rarity. Because of such a high demand for limited edition items by some streetwear brands, retailers employ bouncers to manage crowds who are prepared to queue on the street for hours to buy the latest thing. Because of this demand, there is also an online market of reselling Hypebeast stuff.

Hypebeasts usually wear clothing items that people would consider "drip". This style is somewhat looked down on in the fashion community because of its "big logo + hype shoes = fashion" mentality. This look can include:


The term "Hypebeast" was originally used as a derogatory term towards people who were really into streetwear and branded clothing. This was the case until Kevin Ma, a journalist and bussinessman from Hong Kong, reclaimed this term for his fashion blog of the same name, Hypebeast. The website grew really popular internationally and inspired many teenagers, although in some countries like the United States and the United Kingdom the term still carries some negative connotations. In England in particular, Hypebeasts are associated with Hipsters that only buy the latest trends.

During the mid-2000s the Hypebeast subculture started to emerge, typically among teenagers who "dress to impress". Hypebeast fashion is largely inspired by streetwear fashion trends from the 90s, hence why rarity is considered one of the most important parts of it. There are also many Hypebeasts who purchase new items just to later resell them for higher prices.


  • Cargo pants (bright or dark colors)
  • Bucket hats (very popular amongst the high-end streetwear community)
  • Large T-Shirts, sweatshirts with brand logos or imagery
  • Branded jackets/outerwear
  • VERY expensive shoes/customized shoes and clothing, especially those with prominent logos



  • Supreme
  • Palace
  • BAPE
  • Off-White
  • Yeezy