How To Create A Wiki Article

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See the Style Guide for the order in which to put the headings. This article is supposed to be a fool-proof guide to navigate the toolbar.

The page will also describe to you what to write in these different subheadings, with tips on how to be specific and professional in your writing. (Under construction)

How to Make Headings and Subheadings

  1. After pressing "Edit" or the pencil symbol, you will see a bar on top.
  2. Press paragraph. A drop-down menu will appear.
    • Headings are what is above. It has a line on the bottom, and is supposed to be the headings mentioned in the style guide (history, visuals, fashion, etc.)
    • Subheading 1 is the first and typically only subheading option you will need. This is for breaking down the headings into different components. Subheadings look like this:

How to Insert an Infobox

Infoboxes are required for all articles. To put one in, go to the "Insert" section on top of the editing bar, and choose "Infobox," then, "Aesthetic."

To put in an image, you have to type in the full name of the image that the wiki has in its storage. This includes the .jpg/.png/etc.

To make the text into a link for the related aesthetics section, you have to type [[aesthetic]] Substitute "aesthetic" for the exact name of the page. There are no spaces.

To make the aesthetics one per line, type <br> between every single aesthetic name. <br> codes for a new line. No spaces are necessary.

How to Insert Photos to the Wiki

For the purposes of easy navigation, gallery-making, and de-cluttering the wiki, please save the image you uploaded into your computer as a descriptive name. For example, instead of "2hr8jd9m.jpg," please save it as something descriptive or related to the page, such as "pink ballgown" or "Cottagecore picnic." This is done by right-clicking the file location and finding "Rename" in the displayed menu. Alternatively, when first saving the photo, you'll see that the name is blank or "untitled." Simply click on that and you can change it.

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