Aesthetics Wiki

This is a parody article. Obvi. For how to properly find your aesthetic, see Helping You Find Your Aesthetic.

"Really? That's my legacy? Teenagers gentrifying their thrift stores and buying overpriced notebooks for the #aesthetic? Well. I'm not publishing this!" -Oscar Wilde upon being shown TikTok by a time traveler in the midst of finishing The Picture of Dorian Gay

Finding your aesthetic is an important process that determines your future home, career, and where one sits with at the lunch table during university. Upon finding your aesthetic, a wardrobe will be dropped off via stork, and the invisible narrator describing your life as the main character in your own personal genre novel (actually Wattpad quality) will commence. Ending the narrative can only be done by living a life of asceticism, which, funny enough, sounds like aesthetic.

Here's how to find your aesthetic:

  1. Find ten internet posts.. They all have to be from uquiz, tiktok (YouTube video would work too), and instagram series of pics. A mix is best. They all have to be titled "How to Find Your Aesthetic."