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Hoodtrap, also known as JerknB, is a subgenre of Hip Hop inspired by its predecessor, Jerk/Jerkin'. It is distinguished from the original Jerk music by its dense synth work and PluggnB-inspired piano melodies, vocal chants, and more complex, snare heavy drum patterns that follows the original Jerk beat and rythm. Hoodtrap music is often found in "type beats", which are beats/instrumental that can be sung or rapped over. This style was started by the Hip Hop music producer Kashpaint and other members of the "1c" collective. Its caracterized by its pop culture references and late 2000s visuals that pay homage to the first waves of Jerk music


The following are common visuals in Hoodtrap:

  • Images of "Swag/Jerk" era styles
  • Deep fried photo editing
  • Photos of celebrities during the early 2010s
  • Photos of streetwear
  • over-edited selfies with lots of filters


Producers and rappers from the scene:

  • Kashpaint
  • Xaviersobased
  • Xion Rion
  • Nyli
  • sl4yyer!
  • nettspend
  • phreshboyswag
  • Yhapojj
  • SiyahXO!