Holosexual is the aesthetic of shiny and reflective or Holographic imagery. These images usually contain white or light pastel backgrounds that reflect off into rainbows. The objects/themes that are used often: Holographic materialistic clothes, boots, bags, discs, crystals, marble floors, knives, sunglasses, jewels, shower tiles, glitter, mermaid merch, reflective water, the odd grid pattern, and edited swirled holographic. Holographic items are often confused with iridescent, multi chrome, and any item with a shiny surface. They are different, but can be confused with each other.

Sometimes, if paired with lyrics or quotes, are artists such as Lana del Rey, Marina and the Diamonds, The Arctic Monkeys, Melanie Martinez, Billie Eillish, and Lorde. These artists tend to sing about their current situation and emotions, creating a zone of in the now, absorbed in the now. They talk very poetically, describing experiences quite deeply and eclectically, such as moments like loving someone, how disastrous and messy they are and what they want to or are doing right NOW. The font is also not attention-grabbing, but a simple cute font, whereas the soothing shiny iridescence is the real attention grabber.

We can thank the YouTuber SimplyNailogical, for giving the dazy subculture the title, 'Holosexuals'. She frequently calls herself and her viewers by this name, obsessing over shiny nail polishes and satisfying aesthetics. If this aesthetic interests you, check her channel out:


Holosexual visuals tend to utilize a lot of iridescent, color-shifting, glittery images and visuals. These visuals tend to end in a shiny, yet neutrally mooded Grunge theme (which, if you know anything about the original Grunge, this is hilariously ironic). It appeals to those who are not here for the positivity nor the negativity, not the past nor the future, but the existing in a reflective state of the now. where time doesn't exist. Common creatures seen in Holosexual aesthetics include unicorns, mermaids, and dolphins (especially in Seapunk aesthetics that borrow from the Holosexuals).


A lot of Holosexual fashion tends to be make-up and nail polish-centric, although there are examples of Holosexual clothing that exists out in the wild (and can even be bought on websites like Amazon). While most Holosexual fashion tends to skew towards more the female end of the gender spectrum, there are examples of male Holosexual clothing out there, so the boys can have fun with this look, too. Holosexual fashion seems to be very common in Raver fashion, though some male Holosexual fashion seems to take a lot of notes from 70's Disco fashion.

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