Hipster is a subculture that is stereotypically composed of young adults who reside primarily in gentrified neighborhoods. It is broadly associated with indie and alternative music and genres such as chill-out, folk, modern rock, pop rock, and post-Britpop. Hipsters also frequently flaunt a varied non-mainstream fashion sensibility, wearing vintage and thrift store-bought clothing; hold pacifist and green views; are often vegan; consume organic and artisanal foods, and craft alcoholic beverages; and live alternative lifestyles. The hipster aesthetic dates back to the 1940s, but did not reach the height of its popularity until the late 2000s to early 2010s.


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Hipster Fashion revolves around the idea of rejecting the 'mainstream' trends and utilizing unique or 'quirky' items to define an outfit. This can be anything from someones hairstyle, to their sock. Frequent trends include:

  • moustache
  • full beard
  • tattoos
  • beanie
  • newsboy cap
  • horn-rimmed glasses
  • round sunglasses
  • bowtie
  • camera (often vintage)
  • pipe
  • suspenders
  • vests
  • scarfs (worn inside and outside, all year round)
  • plaid shirts
  • Vintage clothing
  • Vintage imagery on clothing (vinyl decals, typewriter font, ect.)
  • skinny jeans
  • bright and colorful pants
  • patterned and brightly colored socks
  • Converse
  • messenger bags
  • canvas bags


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Cutester is an aesthetic that invokes the feeling (or appearance) of being cute. This applies to people who wear child like clothing, acts in a way that invokes cuteness or anything of the sort.  This is what it looks like when one takes the Kidcore aesthetic and added a few dashes into the Hipster aesthetic.

Fixed Gear Hipster

A Fixed Gear Hipster (or fixie hipster) describes a hipster riding atop a fixed gear bicycle often termed as a fixie. Although the heritage of fixed gear cycling dates to professional couriers, messengers, and track cycling. It is unclear how this style of cycling became popular with them. However, it is generally believed that owning a fixed gear bicycle has been labeled "trendy" within hipster culture.


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