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Hime Lolita is a substyle of Lolita fashion that is characterized by a princess-like look that is frequently OTT (Over The Top). While somewhat visually similar to Classic Lolita, Hime Lolita includes many decorative factors borrowed from Sweet Lolita.


The dresses in Hime Lolita have several layers of ruffles and other details, and jumperskirts are often worn without a blouse. This is to remove the childlike aspect, and cause the coordinate to appear more classy. If a blouse is used, it usually is a square or heart neckline with flared sleeves, made from chiffon. If one wants to go for a even more mature appearance, a corset can be used. The hemline of the dress is worn on or above the knees, but can be longer as well.

Hime Lolita is a difficult style to pull off quite right for those are beginners in Lolita fashion, since it's difficult to coordinate all the details without messing up the look. Additionally, the quality of the material needs to be rich to attain that princess appearance.

Hairstyles in Hime Lolita can range from casual to over the top hairdos, both usually involving curls. Wigs are often used to achieve this effect, with the three most common hairstyles being a "traditional" Hime haircut (bangs straight with short locks on the front, and then running longer in the back.), elegant and big teased hair, and elegantly curled hair.

On the topic of headwear, things such as crowns and bonnets are often used. Another item that is favored would be rose headdresses. Gold, silver jewelry or pearls are common, with necklaces or rings having roses or little bows on them as an added detail. Adding ruffes and lace adds to the look a lot. Elbow-length gloves or longer are used in the winter. Paper or lace fans with pearls, roses or rhinestones decorated on them are seen in the summer. Purses are kept rather simple and can have some detailing on them.

Socks are knee or ankle length, and can have details such as frills, lace, small bows, or feature patterns such as cake or stripes. Transparent or lace tights an very much help to further a fancy look, however.


The colors usually consist of lighter shades of colors. Colors that give off an innocent feel, like pale pinks, baby blues and greens and white. Other colors that are seen as mint green and pale yellow. Because of the softer colors, some may get Sweet and Hime confused, however the latter includes much more layering.