High-End Streetwear is a materialistic lifestyle that devotes oneself to buying, owning and wearing usually expensive and fashionable clothing, instead of usual Streetwear fashion, the brands that are donned are very expensive and eve non worshiped to some extent.

Streetwear is a style of casual clothing which became global in the 1990s. It grew from Californian surf and skate culture to encompass elements of sportswear, hip hop, punk and Japanese street fashion and continued to grow and evolve from there.

High End Brands

Notable Types of High-End Streetwear

High-End Streetwear is actually quite diverse when it comes to different styles. Different High-End Streetwear styles usually bring out the element that the wearer desires people to look at and recognize. Here are a few examples:


Possibly the most commonly seen type of High-End Streetwear. Its focus is to bring out a high end-ifyed version of typical hypebeast fashion and regular streetwear mixed together. This style usually has clothing items that people would consider "drip". This style is somewhat looked down on in the fashion community because of its "big logo + hype shoes = fashion" mentality. This look can include:

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  • ​​​​​cargo pants (bright or dark colors)
  • bucket hats (very popular amongst the high-end streetwear community)
  • Large T-Shirts, sweatshirts with brand logos or imagery
  • branded Jackets/outerwear
  • very expensive shoes/customized shoes
  • expensive customized clothing​​​​​​
  • Basically any high end clothing with noticable logos


This style tends to bring out the more 90's hip hop elements of streetwear while keeping the High-End Streetwear influence. This style can also be closely related to Baddie and Hypebeast, High End Streetwear x Urban/Hip Hop gravitates to brands like Nike, Jordan, and Louis Vuttion. This style includes:


  • baggy pants or sweatpants (sometimes highly decorated with different textiles)
  • brand-name oversized t-shirts/vintage brand name t-shirts
  • dad hats/caps
  • expensive sneakers (Jordans, Nikes, etc)
  • fanny packs
  • short bubble/puffer jackets 
  • customized pants
  • sports bras/ racerback bras
  • overalls
  • brightly colored socks
  • sneakers (usually Nike or Jordan)

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