Hidecore (or secretcore) is an aesthetic based on wanting to hide from everything or having a secret place where one can rest and stay safe. It is based on wanting to leave and be in peace for a bit. When hiding, someone might bring comforting little things like books, plushies, and music.
Hidecore is a safe tag for motivating people and making them feel better but it's not a safe tag for venting.


Hidecore images are pretty similars to Weirdcore's pictures. Usually they're bedrooms, secret forests or even playgrounds at night times. The images are in a low quality, or shorts videos in a low quality too. A good way to take hidecore's images is using a Samsung Galaxy S3 NEO from 2014 or a Nokia, for the low quality effect.


Music related to Hidecore can be unpopular and chill music, like Bulldog Eyes; SALES and Jack Stauber.


Masks, hoodies, long skirts, and sweaters are related to Hidecore.

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