Hidecore (or also secretcore) is an aesthetic based on wanting to hide from everything or having a secret place where you can rest and stay safe. Is based on wanting to leave and be in peace for a bit, bringing with you little things like books, plushies,and music.

Hidecore images are pretty similars to Weirdcore's pictures. Usually they're bedrooms, secret forests or even playgrounds at night times. The images are in a low quality, or shorts videos in a low quality too. A good way to take hidecore's images is using a Samsung Galaxy S3 NEO from 2014 or a Nokia, for the low quality effect.

Relative music to hidecore can be unpopular and chill music, like Bulldog Eyes; SALES and Jack Stauber. Masks, hoodies, long skirts and sweaters can be also relative clothes to Hidecore.

Hidecore is a safe tag for motivating people and making them feel better but it's not a safe tag for venting

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