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HexD is a music genre that emerged in the late 2010s from the music group Hexcastcrew and began to take on more prominence when one of the members of this group, Stacy Minajj, released his DJ Mix Rare RCB hexD.mp3 in June 2019, is characterized by its bitcrushed, lo-fi sound and production, incorporating some nightcore inspiration by being (sometimes) sped up and pitched up, particularly in the case of remixed material/songs. The visual style of the genre is mainly based on cover arts and music videos. it focuses on a low quality, dirty and melancholic style that evokes a feeling of nostalgia, mainly for the mid-to-late 2000s, incorporating highly edited and compressed images, photos of (mostly) female anime characters, references to videogame culture (mainly from the 2000s), and references to various styles and cultures, like Emo, Scene, Blingeecore, and Frutiger Aero.



  • Hexcastcrew
  • Aero Gros M
  • bliss3three
  • iANO
  • Team Mekano
  • vertigoaway
  • 999 Heartake Sabileye
  • Fax Gang
  • purity://filter
  • Sienna Sleep
  • #ff85f7
  • c678924
  • Anthony1
  • Flyby Uniform
  • LonelyFriendly
  • DigiGhouls
  • Night Princess
  • tomoe_✧theundy1ng (Stacy Minajj)
  • rainsdeaf




HexD began when various Experimental Hip Hop and Cloud rap artists formed a musical group called Hexcastcrew in 2019. This group was characterized by using an audio effect known as Bitcrush or Bitcrushing, which gave the tracks an old, sloppy lo-fi sound, plus the voices of the rappers of the group used to be altered to have a pitch higher than normal. This would give these songs a mysterious, ethereal and intriguing touch. The genre used to be quite niche and obscure at one point, but it wasn't until one of the group's members, tomoe_✧theundy1ng, better known as Stacy Minajj, released his DJ mix Rare RCB hexD.mp3, that the genre would take more notoriety within the community of underground rappers and hip hop artists on SoundCloud. The aforementioned DJ mix was a collection of remixed songs from another Cloud rap group known as Reptilian Club Boyz (RCB); these songs were remixed in the style of HexD, with lo-fi and bitcrushing effects, sped up tracks, and altered pitch.

At the beginning, HexD was just another style within hip hop and was limited only to subgenres of hip hop, but slowly, the genre would begin to evolve and merge with other musical styles, specifically artists like Sienna Sleep and Exodia who would mix HexD with Hard trance, Freeform hardcore, and other EDM styles resulting in Sextrance as a result of this multiple genre combination. Besides Sextrance, HexD has served as the basis and insipiration for other musical genres, the most popular ones being Krushclub and Sigilkore, which share similar sound and visual style bases.