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Heatwave is an umbrella term for aesthetics related to all things physically hot, especially glowing things. This can range from fire to exposed metal on a sunny day, to anything that can get hot through natural occurrence.


Lavawave (Earth's Core)[]

Lavawave (also known as Earth's Core) focuses on the visual appeal of lava, volcanoes, and magma. The name "Earth's Core" is a play on words using the 'core' suffix of aesthetics and the magma-filled center of the Earth.


  • Flowing lava
  • Volcanoes
  • Black smoke
  • Obsidian
  • Ash
  • Underground caves filled with magma
  • Hell (Underworld)
  • Fire

City Heatwave[]


City Heatwave focuses on the heat cities can radiate due to the abundance of heat-absorbing metal structures.


  • Hot railings and benches
  • Steaming sewer grates
  • Mirages
  • Bright sunlight bouncing off buildings
  • Bicycles
  • Runners
  • Silver colors and reflective surfaces


Summer refers to the seasons of which the Earth is closest to the Sun, increasing heat. This can be focused on suburban and country areas as opposed to cities. More info can be found at the aesthetic's separate page.


The Tropical aesthetic revolves around sunny tropical areas and the visuals associated with them. More info at the aesthetic's separate page.


Desertwave relates to the sandy, heated terrain of a desert and the visuals and association with it. More info can be found at this aesthetic's separate page.