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Trigger Warning: This aesthetic deals with violence, blood, gore, and things of that nature. If this bothers you or disturbs you in any way, please find another page to go to. Thank you.

Hatecore (also known as Violencecore) is an aesthetic that is the emotional opposite of Lovecore. It involves hatred, anger, heartbreak, violent imagery, gore, and the feeling of rejection.


Hatecore visuals can include, but are not limited to:

Essentially, if it can conjure up every bad feeling in the world, it applies to Hatecore.


Hatecore fashion draws a lot of inspiration from a mix of both Punk and Bastardcore fashions, designed solely to provoke anger, hatred, and potential violence from people around them by being as offensive as possible. Hatecore fashion may also make heavy use of the blood motif.


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Bloodcore is an aesthetic centered around pictures of bloody faces/teeth/hands, people who think blood makes their subject look intimidating, and just paints an overall violent and bloody picture.