The Gull Girl aesthetic is an aesthetic based around the extraordinary side of seagulls. This aesthetic consists of loose feathers, seagull-y colors, and anything that captures the esscence of a seagull.


The Gull Girl visual consists of pictures of screaming seagulls, or seagulls in a funny pose. Seagull memes are a YES for this aesthetic. The Gull Girl visual is not "crazy" per se, but is more "extra". Those birds have their strange side, and the goal of "Gull Girl" is to capture it.


Things that you could wear as a Gull Girl would be A white cami tucked into some black jean shorts with a feathery jacket over it. Feathers and boots are good options. Focus on colors like white, black, any shade of grey, orange, and maybe red when picking out a Gull Girl outfit. Never ever forget to be extra!


Gull Girl Hair consists of messy buns, curled or wavy hair, or anything that seems care-free yet extra at the same time. Using a waver to make intense waves in your hair is always a good option.

Makeup for a Gull Girl can be anywhere between thick and thin, just never forget to add white and maybe some strokes of black on your eyeshadow. Big big BIG eyelashes are a great option.


  • Hanging out at the beach
  • Feeding seagulls lays chips
  • Sitting at the pool and naming every seagull that tries to steal your food.
  • Screaming at seagulls (extra check)


Gull Witch

Gull Witch is an aesthetic that combines the Gull Girl and Witchcore aesthetics. Gull Witch depicts a more elegant version of Gull Girl, including lots of white and black feathers. Some aspects of Seagull Witch include feather crystals, white leather-bound books, and seagulls against a black (sometimes eerie) background.


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