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The status of Gray Academia as a valid aesthetic is going to be discussed and will involve asking the community, research into its origins, and comparisons with Dark Academia and Light Academia.

This page is a contentious subject and has been the subject of multiple editing battles, hence the protection status. Thank you for understanding.


Gray Academia started as a one-off text post by now-deleted tumblr bcchnl. In the post, they say, "im creating a subgenre of dark academia called grey academia. less classism and less subtle racism. less drugs and alcohol. less wildly expensive colleges and clothes. still with the biting chill of the autumn wind. instead of tweed and carefully pressed suits it’s denim jackets, flannel, and combat boots. everyone carries sketchbooks where they can draw in their long droning classes or write down quick notes or ramble about their feelings. everyone fights to make academia more accessible to the masses. everything is vaguely punk rock and no one dies"[1]