The Grandparent Academia is an aesthetic that mix the caring nature of the grandparent with the curious nature of the intellectuals. A grandparent academic is open minded and kind, making them a safe haven for their family, friends or partners. They are also the best to ask questions, no matter if you need tips about making tea or help in understanding a historical moment.

They aren't necessarily connected to one kind of Academia aesthetic (Dark, Light, Fairy, Romantic...), but to the general passion for learning, specially from the older ones.

What is hiraeth?

As you may have noticed, "hiraeth" is one of the key values of Grandparent Academia. But do you know what that is?

Well, "hiraeth" is a Welsh word that means "nostalgia, longing, homesickness, a deep feeling of yearning for a home that cannot be returned to, no longer exists or never was." [1]

A grandparent academic is able to connect with the past in such an emotional way that they can imagine and even miss a past they had never lived.


The fashion of that aesthetic consists in a mix of comfortable, classic, simple and old fashioned clothes. Some examples are:

•Light blouses

•Peter Pan collar shirts

•Mid-length/long skirts





•Vintage glasses

•Knitted cardigans

•Handmade clothes

•Embroidered clothes

•Pearl necklaces

•Old jewelry

•Classic/light/no makeup

•Oxford shoes

•Mary Jane shoes

•Vintage heels

•Round toe flats


•Old family albums and pictures

•Old sewing patterns and machines

•Antique tea cups

•A grandparent teaching their grandchildren, or even learning from them

•Rocking chairs

•Old book shelves

•Old letters

Activities and Habits



•Listening to others and giving advice

•Telling Dad Jokes and old stories


•Listening to old songs

•Going to bed early (unless you are too hyped searching for a subject)

•Using old words and expressions

•Playing chess, checkers or old games

•Writing letters to old friends and relatives

•Collecting antiques and keeping family heirloom


Specific songs

•"When you wore a tulip and I wore a big red rose"

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