Aesthetics Wiki

Grandbaby is an aesthetic that combines elements of vintage/antiques, grandmacore, shabby chic, babycore and related aesthetics.

Decorative elements of grandbaby may include:

Vintage nursery decor such as meyercord decals

antique & vintage childrens' toys & dolls

lace and frills

vintage/antique baby dresses/outfits in frames on the wall

porcelain tea sets

precious moments items

hummel figurines

soft blankets

old rocking chairs or rocking horse

worn out old baby books scattered among classic novels

antique perfume bottles displayed alongside antique glass baby bottles

pastel colors such as baby blue or baby pink, lavender, mint, etc

neutral colors like white, cream, beige, brown, tans

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Fashion elements of grandbaby:

Pastel/light colors such as baby pink, baby blue, lavender, pastel yellow, and mint

Neutral colors like white/creams, beiges, tans, and browns

Flowy nightgowns- long or short


Any clothing with a peter pan or bib collar


Feetie Pajamas

Lacy & frilly accents

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Grandbaby Activites:



Singing or playing an instrument- especially lullabies or old songs

Listening to music box covers of your favorite songs

Writing or reading