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Grażynacore is a meme aesthetic originating from Poland[1]. This aesthetic parodies the stereotype of a "Facebook Mom" or old women who send kitschy celebration GIFs to their families online, as well as old GIF graphics, particularly from GIF editors like PicMix or Blingee. As such, Grażynacore edits typically involve positive phrases, like "Have a good day" or "Good morning". The visuals of the aesthetic are full of "flowers, life and wisdom", as they incorporate a lot of tacky and positive ClipArts from the 1980s and 1990s.

The exact origin of the name "Grażynacore" is unknown, however it is suspected to be a reference to the Polish feminine given name "Grażyna", which is associated with older women in Poland and means "pretty" or "beautiful" in the Lithuanian language.

This aesthetic shares many similiarities with Karencore, which parodies English "Minion Mom" memes and wholesome memes.



The first pictures reminiscent of Grażynacore are thought to have been created sometime around the 1960s, which could be found on sound postcards, which were popular in Poland and other socialist countries at the time. In the 1990s, some cover arts and casette tapes of Disco Polo songs started incorporating elements similiar to what today is the Grażynacore aesthetic. After the popularization of the Internet, this style lived on because many family souvenirs including those types of visuals were uploaded into the Internet as images, and those eventually started being used by social media users, especially on platforms like Facebook.

The Term "Grażynacore"[]

The term "Grażynacore" being used to describe this type of images itself appears to have originated in the mid or late 2010s, as seen in various online posts and blogs.
Ever since this specific visual design style was given a name, these visuals have also been incorporated into parodies of the style itself.


Visuals seen in Grażynacore include:

  • Tacky clip art: Clip art is frequently used and can include a big variety of topics and themes, generally positive ones. These visuals might remind someone of what visual design looked like in the early eras of the internet.
    • Coffee: Coffee generally emphasizes how mornings feel, since a lot of Grażynacore images incorporate phrases such as "Have a good morning. Heart-shaped latte art is also commonly seen.
    • Animals: Some animals commonly seen in Grażynacore include cats, dogs, horses, bunnies, birds and deers.
    • Flowers: Flowers in general are a common motif in both old Kitsch GIFs and Polish culture. Sometimes the flowers are replaced with motifs representing other seasons of the year, like autumn leaves.
    • Books: Like coffee, it can also portray the feeling that someone is having a good morning.
    • Hearts: Hearts typically represent love or friendship, which is what the whole and original point of the aesthetic is all about.
    • Glitter: Glitter in general is commonly seen in aesthetics inspired by old GIF design, also being present in the Lilac Femme and Blingeecore aesthetics.
  • Positive phrases: Grażynacore images use a big range of phrases that convey feelings of celebration and positivity.

Common Phrases[]

Some phrases commonly seen in Grażynacore images include:

  • Have a nice Monday/Tuesday/Morning
  • Let's enchant the world with smiles
  • (Insert thing here) and you will be in the seventh heaven
  • Be the sunshine of the day
  • Warm regards
  • Have a nice day
  • Have a great sense of humor
  • Have a nice day and tasty coffee



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