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Gothic Lolita (ゴスロリ) is a style of Lolita that is primarily influenced by victorian-inspired Goth styles. The style was popularized by Mana, a Japanese musician.


While Gothic Lolita is generally seen as substyle of Lolita fashion overseas, in Japan it is considered an own style that evolved independently out of the Visual Kei scene during the 90s. It is often said that Trans Gals, fans of the music label "TRANS RECORDS", were the predecessors of Gothic Lolitas. Although they already wore styles similar to nowadays Gothic Lolita, the fashion wasn't given a name until Mana from Malice Mizer described it as "Gothic & Lolita" which then was adapted by fans emulating his worldview.


Motifs and imagery that are often seen in Gothic Lolita coordinates are crosses, bats, coffins, skulls, castles, and deep red roses. Other colors, such as navy and royal blue, maroon, deep purple and crimson are all also common in Gothic Lolita along with the main color of every outfit being black.


Like all Lolita substyles, Gothic Lolita follows the iconic silhouette consisting of headdress, blouse, poofy skirt, petticoat, legwear, and accessories. While a "cupcake" shape is common for most other Lolita styles, there's also many A-line shape ones in Gothic to make the coordinate appear more sophisticated or mature.

All kinds of hairstyles are worn in Gothic Lolita, but the most common is straight hair with hime-cut bangs, sometimes worn with half-pigtails that can also be curled. The hair is often dyed to archive yet black hair or unnatural colors.

Makeup incorporated in Gothic Lolita often consists of pale foundation, black eyeliner, fake lashes, light blush, and dark lipstick, although the makeup is supposed to still look "natural" (straight up black lipstick is rarely worn).

Accessories for Gothic Lolita consists of rectangle headdresses, lace chokers, wrist cuffs, silver jewelry, bags, and parasols, usually adorned with Gothic motifs. Legwear is usually black and consisting out of lace or printed fabric with matching lace border. Jewelry, if added, usually has gems in dark colors, and metal tones are more common than golden tones. Venice lace chokers or a rosary are also often worn as jewelry to accessorize. Wrist cuffs are also very popular in Gothic Lolita.

Shoes commonly used in Gothic Lolita are mary janes, rocking horse shoes, and other platform shoes along with low to mid size heels. They are usually black so they match the rest of the outfit.

The difference between Gothic Lolita and other Lolita styles in black lies in the details of the outfit even when void of the typical motifs in the form of prints. Sweet decorative elements like bows on garments get replaced by dainty satin ribbon and roses, and lace is prefered instead of ruffles.



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