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Gopniks are a subculture rooted in the working-class neighborhoods and suburban areas of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and other post-Soviet countries. The fashion style associated with it began to emerge within lower-income citizens during the 90s, after the fall of the Soviet Union, and respectively decreased in popularity in the 2000s. Other subcultures similiar to Gopnik exist in other Slavic countries, such as Dresiarz in Poland or Dizelaši in Serbia.

Gopnik is often seen alongside old Soviet buildings as these areas are known for poor education and income. While the Gopnik subculture is nowadays mostly inactive in its countries of origin, it has greatly impacted meme culture on the internet, with many people in Western countries trying to imitate it. It is sometimes incorrectly called "Slav" on social media, however not all Slavs are part of the Gopnik subculture.

Fashion []

A famous staple of the Gopnik style is that of Adidas-branded clothing.

  • Tracksuit
  • Adidas sneakers
  • Pointy leather shoes
  • Flat cap
  • Ushanka
  • A.U.E. (АУЕ - Арестантский уклад/устав един - Convict's/Prisoner's way of life/Law is unified) tattoo
  • Fernandelka


Although Gopnik themselves would probably listen to "Blatnyak", a Russian genre romanticizing criminality and Gangsta Rap, the genre hardbass is based on the Gopnik subculture, often satirizing Gopnik and its values. Hardbass is an electronic genre that utilizes bass, as its name would suggest. This includes powerful kick drums and heavy synthesizer work. Since its region is that of Russia and other Slavic countries, the lyrics will often be in Russian or of similar languages. Most famous of the existing hardbass songs include "Cheeki Breeki" and "Tri Poloski (Three Stripes)."



Spotify Playlists[]

Gopnik Spotify Playlist


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