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Golden Hour is an aesthetic that is based on the sunsets, sunrises, and the color gold. It also frequently features lens flare, palm trees, and flowers.


Golden Hour visuals are often of sunrises and sunsets taken at just that perfect time (California, Hawaiian, and any sort of Tropical Island horizons are particularly popular within Golden Hour visuals, since they offer the best clarity and color palette for these sorts of images). Golden Hour aesthetics can also be paired quite successfully with VSCO. It is named Golden Hour due to the fact all pictures taken around this time are given a very warm, golden hue to them. Silhouettes and shadows are also common to see within this aesthetic, along with pictures of eyes catching the golden light.


A lot of Golden Hour-themed music is designed to invoke a summertime vibe, so there's a lot of crossover with Vaporwave (specifically Future Funk), Lo-Fi, EDM, and certain flavors of Synthwave music, as well as summertime pop hits of any time, designed to give the timeless feel of the freedom of summer.


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