Goblincore is an aesthetic which is a twist on ‘dragoncore’. Goblincore celebrates not just flawless gems, dazzling metals, and meticulously kept treasuries, but also damaged coins, cool rocks, bits of scrap metal, maybe even beads, bugs, and buttons.

The aesthetic has been pioneered by many individuals.

Goblincore followers often have collections of small trinkets they've found in the woods or otherwise, consisting of rocks, moss, sticks, driftwood, crystals, buttons, candles, pins, small bones or skulls, really just anything that grabs their attention.

A wide branch of the goblincore aesthetic is devoted to a friendship with the forest and its inhabitants. Seeing small creatures such as frogs or salamanders can bring happiness and contentment to goblincore followers.

Goblincore enthusiasts, or goblins, like giving in to their feral instinct to some degree (similar to crackheads) and type with little regard to orthographic rules (such as will all lowercase, all caps or improper grammar).

Likes & Dislikes Edit

they often like:

  • Milk, they drink lots of milk
  • Gardening (especially barefoot)
  • Moss, mushrooms, flowers, and bark
  • Shiny things, like bottle caps or old coins
  • Things that look worn down and used
  • Frogs, lizards, bugs, and other small creatures
  • Pretty rocks
  • The rain, whether it's sitting and watching it or going out and splashing around in puddles
  • Fingerless gloves
  • vintage glass jars or bottles

some things they dislike:

  • Loud noises
  • Social interaction
  • Social conformity

(note that these are very broad, you don't have to conform to Every Single Aspect of goblincore!)

Color schemes Edit

Color schemes may include:

  • Soft, washed out hues (sometimes with sudden splashes of bright hues)
  • Any shade of green, brown or grey (colors often associated with nature and dirtiness)
  • Acidic neon similar to that of a glow stick
  • Grey-blue
  • Muddy-green

Goblincore Things Edit

"Goblincore things", as goblins call them, are things such as:

  • Any body type from tall and lanky to short and curvy
  • Misaligned/different coloured eyes
  • Mismatched anything- socks, earrings, entire outfits even
  • Food such as roots (potatoes, turnips, etc), mushrooms, dried meat, macaroni and cheese, and anything made from leftovers
  • Messy and choppy, or home-cut hair
  • Mismatched and/or chipped nail polish
  • Hoards or collections
  • Nature in general
  • Acknowledging imperfections, then paying them no mind

Fashion Edit

Goblincore fashion can consist of any clothing that is suitable for adventure, but most goblincore fans seem to like outfits with several clashing patterns/colors. Lots of the clothing is worn-out, thrifted, or second-hand for a more comfortable feel. Most goblincore fans enjoy getting dirty, so keeping their clothes fresh and clean isn't a top priority. Sweaters, worn-out or customized jeans/overalls, and unique socks are often staples of a goblincore wardrobe.

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